Multiple-Vehicle Accident Involving a Semi Occurs on S.R. 20

Cars Heading Towards Marysville on S.R. 20 Involved in Multiple-Vehicle Accident

A multiple-vehicle accident involving a semi on State Route 20 at Penn Valley Drive heading in the direction of Marysville occurred at about 9:30 in the morning on December 8. According to the California Highway Patrol(CHP), when officers arrived at the location, they found three vehicles- a semi in the center divider, a Chevrolet SUV on the right-hand side, and a gold GMC, which had front-end damage, blocking the intersection. Tow trucks were called to the accident site.

Further Details of the Multiple-Vehicle Accident

A representative of the CHP said there was heavy fog in the area. This often impedes travel and causes accident conditions. In addition, debris was blocking the road, making it difficult for other drivers to access the area. The CHP is investigating the accident as to fault and assigning liability. No injuries have yet to be reported as of the time of this report. There is also no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved.

Dangers of a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Multiple-vehicle accidents on highways result in many injuries and fatalities. There are several reasons for this complex type of crash, including:

  • Inclement weather conditions: Snow, ice, or dense fog can lead to serious accidents. When multiple vehicles are involved, the likelihood of catastrophic injury is high. According to the experts, it is best to drive at a slower speed when these conditions present themselves. Although their vehicles may be traveling at the posted speed limit, drivers can receive a speeding ticket if weather conditions don’t support it.
  • Rear-end collisions: In highway traffic, a vehicle that suddenly stops or a reckless merging driver may cause traffic to slow or stop. Vehicles to the rear may not stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Because of the speed, this can lead to what is called a pile-up, involving numerous vehicles. Usually, it is the driver to the rear who is considered to be at fault. 
  • Distracted drivers: A driver who is not focusing on the road but instead is texting, talking on a cell phone or engaging in a conversation with passengers in the vehicle can be involved in a multiple-vehicle accident. 
  • Road debris: Spilled road debris such as a load from a semi can cause a multiple-vehicle accident. State laws require the driver who is responsible for the spilled road debris to recover it. Other times, large tree limbs in the road can cause problems for drivers. In this case, the government agency in charge of road maintenance is responsible if the limbs have not been cleared in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Fatigued drivers: Drivers who are not rested are responsible for multiple-vehicle accidents since their reflexes are slowed and their judgment is poor and similar to a drunk driver. 
  • Speeding: High speeds are responsible for additional consequences found in multiple-vehicle accidents. When traffic on a congested highway is moving at a high speed, the impact can cause vehicles to bounce off of one another. This bumper-car scenario can cause multiple impacts to the same vehicle. The problem here is once an airbag has deployed, it is incapable of deploying again. This leaves the occupants unprotected. 

Investigation Into a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

At our law firm, we dispatch investigators to the scene of the accident since drivers do not admit to driving recklessly. We use accident reconstruction to see where the vehicles were before, during and after a collision to determine liability. The investigators also interview witnesses and review police reports used for insurance purposes and in court for mistakes. Once all evidence is acquired, it is handed over to our attorneys who use it to build a robust case for our clients. 

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