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August 29, 2019
Edward Smith

Multiple Vehicle Accident in Davis

A multiple-vehicle accident in Davis reportedly caused a serious traffic backup during the afternoon of Tuesday, August 27, 2019. So far, the number of injuries involved in this accident has not been reported by officials of California Highway Patrol (CHP). According to information from CHP, the accident involved at least three vehicles.

Crash Information

Police stated that the crash took place just after 2:00 p.m. on the northbound Mace Boulevard on-ramp to Highway Interstate 80. The events leading up to the accident have not yet been reported by officials. However, photos taken at the scene of the collision show major damage to the front end of a white-colored sedan. Photos also show that firefighters from the Davis Fire Department as well as an ambulance assisted with accident response.

The roadway was closed to traffic while accident response was underway and remained shut down while workers removed wrecked vehicles and debris. During this time, traffic reportedly backed up on I-80 through the entire city of Davis. CHP indicated that the road was clear and open to traffic by 3:32 p.m. As police continue to investigate this accident, no report regarding suspected collision factors has been released.

Do I Need to Call a Lawyer?

After being involved in an accident, people are sometimes unsure if they should reach out to a lawyer for help. While it is true that not all cases require professional legal assistance, it’s always a good idea to call a local personal injury attorney for free advice. Because most lawyers are happy to provide advice over the phone, there’s no downside to seeking the information you need to be confident in taking your next steps toward recovering your losses.

In many cases, people find out that they can recover many more damages than they previously thought. Because accidents can affect many aspects of our lives, negligent parties such as reckless drivers, the manufacturers of faulty auto products, or governments responsible for hazardous roads are often liable to pay for both personal and financial losses such as pain and suffering, destruction of property, lost income, medical expenses, and more.

Accidents in Davis

According to information recorded by emergency response officials, there have been 2,221 traumatic vehicle accidents over the past 12 years. Out of these collisions, only around one-quarter take place on a highway within the city while the majority happen on municipal roads. The three most common types of crashes in Davis include, from most to least frequent, rear-end accidents, broadside collisions, and wrecks in which a vehicle hits a stationary object. Less common types of accidents included rollovers, sideswipes, and head-on crashes.

Compared to other California cities of its size, Davis sees relatively few fatal and severe crashes, but a higher number of collisions involving moderate injuries. Additionally, Davis sees significantly more accidents including bicycles than similar cities in the area.

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