Multiple Injuries Reported in North Sacramento Accident

North Sacramento Accident on Connie Drive Causes Critical Injuries

Six people suffered injuries in a North Sacramento accident on January 10, leaving three people in critical condition. The accident happened at the Connie Drive intersection with Marconi Avenue. Sacramento Police Department officers and emergency responders with Metro Fire were at the scene. The three critically injured patients were taken to a hospital for treatment. 

Investigation Determining Cause of Serious North Sacramento Accident

The other three people with minor injuries declined treatment at the hospital. Marconi Avenue was shut down from the Kenwood Street off-ramp as the scene was cleared. An investigation is underway to find out what caused the crash. 

Accidents Involving a Single Driver or Multiple Vehicles

If you are injured as a passenger in an accident in the Sacramento area or your collision involves other drivers, you can recover compensation if someone else is shown to be at fault. An accident attorney can examine the case to see if you can file a claim. Recoverable damages include the following:

  • Medical costs, especially if someone is in critical condition, can be high following a North Sacramento accident. However, filing a personal injury claim can recover all associated medical expenses. If the injury is ongoing at settlement, the lawyer can calculate further costs and include them.
  • Lost wages often occur following a severe traffic collision. Those lost wages are recoverable along with any other perks in the job, such as insurance and pension benefits, regular bonuses, and others. If the injured party goes back to work but has to take a lower-paying job at less money, the difference in salaries can be recovered. If a permanent disability occurs and the injured person can no longer work, their wages until retirement age are recoverable.
  • Compensation is recoverable for the pain and suffering the injured person experienced. In addition to the physical trauma, many people suffer emotional injuries, which lead to anxiety, depression, and other adverse symptoms. If professional care is sought, they can recover the cost of treatment.

Obtaining a Free Accident Injury Consultation

If you have suffered a severe injury, you can seek free advice and help from an accident attorney. Your North Sacramento accident case will be handled by an injury lawyer with the necessary knowledge and resources. A personal injury attorney gathers evidence, calculates damages, and negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf.

If the at-fault party’s insurance company fails to provide fair compensation, an injury lawyer can initiate a civil lawsuit on your behalf. Importantly, you are not obligated to make any payments unless you secure a victory. This means you can focus on your recovery without financial concerns, as the accident lawyer team manages all aspects of the process.

The following tips from attorney Ed Smith will help you choose a personal injury lawyer:

Lawyer for Car Crashes in Sacramento

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