Multi-Vehicle Collision on Westbound I-580 Near SR-13 in Oakland

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December 19, 2023
Edward Smith

Multi-Vehicle Injury Crash on I-580

The CHP reported a multi-vehicle injury crash on the westbound side of I-580 near SR-13 in Oakland on the morning of December 13, 2023. The traffic collision occurred at around 8:10 a.m. and involved at least four vehicles.

Details on the Multi-Vehicle Injury Crash on I-580 in Oakland

The California Highway Patrol reported an accident involving multiple vehicles, prompting the response of emergency personnel. The incident blocked all lanes of westbound Interstate 580. The CHP has not yet released information on what led to the car wreck and the number of injured parties.

Seeking Financial Compensation in a Multi-Car Collision Case

A motor vehicle collision has the potential to cause significant disruptions in your life. You may suffer traumatic injuries that require you to miss work and require extensive treatment. This can include rehabilitation, surgical management, ambulance costs, ICU care, advanced imaging, and more. A traffic collision could also damage or total your vehicle. In California, parties whose negligence causes accidents resulting in harm to others may be held liable for the resulting losses. This generally requires filing a claim against the negligent party and the insurance company representing them.

Filing a bodily injury claim following the incident allows you to seek reimbursement for your losses in the form of economic and non-economic damages. You may be compensated for wage loss, medical bills, disfigurement or scarring from unsightly injuries, and more. In cases involving catastrophic injuries, like moderate or severe traumatic brain injuries, partial or complete spinal cord injuries, and broken bones, you may seek damages for future medical treatment expenses. Any medical care, medical appliances, and vehicle or home modifications needed for the injury can be sought in the claim.

The compensation sought following the crash will depend on the severity of the injuries, who is liable for the incident, and the insurance coverage available, such as uninsured and underinsured motorist protection if the negligent party has insufficient insurance limits or no liability coverage. This is of utmost importance in cases involving multi-vehicle accidents where one party is liable for the incident. An experienced personal injury attorney in California can help you recover maximum compensation for your losses. Learn how our legal team at can assist you in this video.

Importance of Retaining Legal Counsel for an Auto Accident Injury Case

Insurers attempting to dispute liability in personal injury claims is, unfortunately, nothing new. The industry has been profit-driven since the start. Nevertheless, defense strategies employed by insurance carriers and their claims adjusters involve various approaches to devalue, delay, or deny claims to avoid reasonable payouts for injured parties. In this climate, it is essential to retain legal counsel to advocate for you when dealing with difficult insurers. The right personal injury attorney in California will work diligently to protect your rights, have your best interests at heart, and work toward a favorable result.

Motor vehicle collision cases can become challenging, especially when multiple parties are involved. An attorney with experience in handling personal injury cases will have the experience, resources, and skills to conduct an in-depth analysis of the facts and circumstances of the case. Using relevant evidence and other findings in the investigation, your lawyer will negotiate with all parties to reach a mutual settlement agreement on your behalf. If unsuccessful, the attorney should have no problem taking the accident case to court if necessary.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland

Protecting your rights and interests after a car wreck starts with retaining legal counsel to represent you. Contact our legal team at for a free consultation at (510) 631-0200 or (800) 404-5400. Our personal injury lawyers serving Oakland can review your potential case at no cost and provide friendly advice. Since 1982, we have handled personal injury and wrongful death cases in Alameda County and throughout California. Our firm has the resources, knowledge, and skills to effectively manage your case and obtain a favorable resolution through a verdict or settlement.

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