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Multi-Car Collision Injures Children and Adults Near Pittsburg

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July 12, 2017
Edward Smith

Multi-Car Collision Injures Children and Adults Near Pittsburg

Multi-Car Collision Injures Children and Adults Near Pittsburg

I’m Ed Smith, a Pittsburg car accident attorney. A multi-car collision in Contra Costa County near Pittsburg involved 5 cars and resulted in the injury of several children and adults.

What happened?

At approximately 2:45 p.m. on 6 July, a Nissan Rogue crashed into a Cadillac sedan. Shortly afterward, a black BMW, a black pickup truck, and two additional vehicles hit the existing accident. The multi-car collision occurred at the intersection of Bailey Road and Canal Road near the Pittsburg-Bay Point border.

The California State Highway Patrol (CHP) and paramedics quickly responded to the accident. After their arrival, they closed the surrounding road to prevent any additional accidents.

Injuries in the Multi-Car Collision

Upon arrival, first responders found several injured children. Paramedics even called a helicopter to transport one of the injured children to the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Ambulances transported several other young children to a hospital.

A number of adults involved in the accident sustained minor to moderate injuries. Several complained of neck stiffness in the immediate aftermath.

Injuries in Similar Accidents

Although we do not know what injuries the victims in this accident suffered, our time as Pittsburg car accident lawyers has shown us the most common injuries. These include cervical sprains (also known as whiplash), chest bruises, arm sprains, and dashboard knee.

Children face a higher risk of injury in car accidents. Their smaller bodies are often unable to withstand the powerful forces of a car accident. This causes more extensive cervical sprains and trauma to arms and legs. Many children also suffer more serious rib trauma from the impact of an accident.

Damage to the Cars Involved

The Nissan Rogue sustained moderate front-end damage while the Cadillac sedan suffered extensive rear-end damage. Tow trucks removed both vehicles from the accident scene.

Several other vehicles involved sustained mainly minor damage. Although, a tow truck did have to remove one other vehicle.

Cause of the Accident

No information on the cause of the accident is currently available. Based on preliminary reports of the Pittsburg car accident, one driver rear-ended another driver. This caused the initial accident that four other cars were then unable to avoid.

In rear-ender accidents, one driver is typically not paying attention to the road. This then causes them to run into the back of another vehicle.

In some cases, though, a rear-ender accident is also caused by a hazard in the road that forces the initial driver to come to an abrupt halt. If somebody else created the hazard but was otherwise uninvolved in the accident, that person may still be at least partially responsible for the accident.

The severity of the children’s injuries in the accident, however, indicates that speed also played a role in the accident. At least one of the vehicles that struck the initial accident may have been traveling over the speed limit. This likely made them unable to stop in time to avoid the accident.

About Bailey Road

Large accidents like this one typically occur on the hilly section of Bailey Road. This accident, however, occurred within the residential areas at the border of Bay Point and Pittsburg. Traffic in these areas is typically high because of several nearby schools and homes. Additionally, Bailey Road is often congested by traffic to the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station.


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