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May 30, 2019
Edward Smith

Motorhome Collision in Redding Hospitalizes One

One person reportedly suffered injuries requiring hospitalization during a car accident that took place in Redding on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. Officers of Redding Police Department (RPD) reported that the wreck involved multiple vehicles including a motorhome and took place on a municipal road. The hospitalized individual was not reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries, however, updates on their condition remain unreported. The accident is currently under investigation by RPD officials.

Crash Details

The collision took place shortly after 3:30 p.m. on South Bonnyview Road close to the Highway Interstate 5 junction on the southern end of Redding. According to accident witnesses, the motorhome had traveled over the roadway median and into oncoming traffic. The motorhome collided with a westbound SUV. Whether or not more vehicles were involved in the collision has not yet been reported.

RPD sent emergency staff to the accident scene right away. Upon arrival, medics found that the driver of the motorhome had suffered significant injuries. The individual was immediately placed on an ambulance and driven to a nearby hospital. No other individuals were reported to have suffered trauma during the crash.


RPD diverted traffic in the area while they conducted emergency response and a preliminary investigation of the collision scene. Reports indicate that the driver may have been distracted by a wasp at the time of the accident. However, police are still investigating factors possibly involved in the accident. So far, no official reports regarding possible collision causes have been released. Collisions like this one commonly involve multiple factors such as driver distraction, medical emergencies, roadway hazards, and more.

According to traffic data, the accident caused a serious backup on both sides of South Bonnyview Road for hours after the incident occurred. Area drivers experienced traffic as far as half of a mile away from the Interstate 5 junction.

Injury Recovery

After sustaining any serious amount of trauma during a car accident, people often face a difficult path to regaining their physical health. Dealing with injuries can require multiple intensive medical procedures and, often, crash survivors need to undergo months or even years of physical therapy to be able to regain mobility and independence. Not only are these medical expenses often costly, but being injured can also mean no longer being able to work either permanently or temporarily.

These factors can make it hard for people to know how they will be able to make ends meet. However, crash survivors can often claim payments from negligent parties and/or insurers by pursuing a personal injury claim. By filing an injury claim, injured parties and their families are frequently able to get the money they need to be financially stable during the process of recovery.

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