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July 24, 2023
Edward Smith

Accident on Highway 20 Causes Fatality in Head-On Crash

A motorcyclist fatality happened near Williams on July 20 following a head-on crash with a van. The collision occurred around 4:37 p.m. along Highway 20 close to Schaad Road. The motorcyclist was going west along the highway as a Honda Odyssey van was heading east, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Head-On Crash With Fatality Due to Driver Trying to Pass Another Vehicle

The driver of the van was attempting to pass another vehicle when the motorcyclist was struck head-on. The man on the motorcycle, a Seattle, Washington, resident, age 24, was transported by air to a hospital due to a head injury but sadly died. Five people who were riding in the van were injured and transported to area hospitals. 

Five People Injured in Collision

The reported injured in the head-on crash who were transported to hospitals for treatment included an older woman, 75, a man, 54, another woman, 53, and two minors. A SigAlert was issued, which diverted traffic from Highway 20 at E Camp Road and Walnut. Motorists were warned they might experience congestion and delays and were advised to use alternate routes. CHP traffic accident investigators are in charge of finding out exactly what happened to cause the head-on crash and to assign fault.

Death Claims Based on Wrongful Conduct

Wrongful death accidents occur when someone is killed by someone else’s recklessness or negligence. Legal action may be sought by the families of the deceased when this occurs. This not only lets them recover compensation by filing a wrongful death claim since suddenly dying can result in financial problems, but also gives them closure and justice by holding the negligent party accountable.

Wrongful Death Investigation by a Lawyer

To build the strongest claim for their clients, attorneys must take steps to investigate. This includes:

  • In a two-vehicle collision, interviewing eyewitnesses provides evidence that supports the claim.
  • Evidence can be discovered by obtaining police reports.
  • The collection of other evidence, such as performing accident reconstruction, reviewing traffic surveillance tapes, etc. that supports the claim.
  • An expert’s assessment of economic losses and the creation of a recovery strategy will assist the client in obtaining maximum compensation.

Creating a Compelling Accident Claim Case

In order to obtain justice and compensation for their clients, lawyers take these steps in order to build a strong case. Families who have been affected by a wrongful death accident should remember that these investigations can take time, but the results can be invaluable. This allows the family members to go forward and rebuild their lives, as well as grieve their loss peacefully without financial worry.

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