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Motorcyclist Dies in Elk Grove Crash

Motorcycle Fatality at Calvine Road and North Sheldon Drive

A motorcyclist died on January 22 when he was struck by a motor vehicle in Elk Grove. A report issued by the Elk Grove Police Department described the accident as happening at the crossroads of North Sheldon Drive and Calvine Road at about 2:15 p.m. 

The police said that a Toyota Camry hit the 68-year-old motorcyclist. The Camry driver, a 55-year-old man who had been driving in tandem with the motorcyclist on Calvine Road East, suddenly made a right-hand turn onto North Sheldon Road in front of the motorcyclist. This caused the motorcyclist to be ejected from their bike.

Motorcyclist Dies in Hospital

Rescuers transported the motorcyclist to a local hospital; however, he succumbed to his wounds and died. Although the motor vehicle driver is said to be cooperating with the police, the department is asking for help from the public. They are requesting that anyone who witnessed the accident contact them at (916) 478-8148. The motorcyclist’s identity was not released as of the time of this report, pending notification of the man’s family.

Turning Right in Front of a Motorcyclist

Intersections, where 40 percent of all serious accidents occur, pose a problem for drivers. One of the most dangerous activities involves turning within the complexity of an intersection. While turning left is well-known for being hazardous, making a right-hand turn is also a source of many crashes. 

A motorist should be aware of others in crosswalks, in the bike lane, and on the sidewalks before turning right. Additionally, drivers need to be mindful of motorcyclists who are riding alongside them before turning. Due to their lack of conspicuity, many motorcyclists are unnoticed and injured when a motorist turns right. When this happens, the motorcyclist could suffer serious injuries, and the driver would be held liable.

Who Has the Right of Way in an Intersection

A motorist turning right must wait until there is no reason not to turn even if there is a traffic light giving them the go-ahead since a rider in the bike lane will have no way of knowing they are making a right turn. For instance, let’s say a motorcyclist or a bicyclist is riding alongside or to the motorist’s rear in the bike lane. If the driver makes a turn without looking, a crash may occur. In another scenario, if the motorist speeds up and makes a right turn, the chance of a collision increases.  The motorist is liable for an accident in these situations. 

Pedestrians on the Sidewalk or in the Crosswalk

The motorist is responsible for ensuring that they can turn. This includes checking the sidewalk to see if a pedestrian is about to step off the curb or if anyone remains in the crosswalk.  While it is incumbent on the pedestrian to obey safety rules, the driver must always yield to a pedestrian if possible.

Being Aware of the Bike Lane

For the most part, motorists should allow a bicyclist or a motorcycle rider in the bike lane to clear the area before turning. While the motorist may have the right to make a right turn, they must ensure the coast is clear. Speeding up and turning before the other vehicle makes it to the intersection will frequently result in a serious accident. 

Dealing With a Wrongful Death

Aside from the tremendous sorrow the family feels when they lose a loved one, many face the possibility of financial ruin when a supporting spouse dies. The family deals with the emotional turmoil of a death in their own way. Friends and family members can help them through this period with kind acts and their presence. 

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death attorney can help the family deal with financial issues, which can be devastating for them as they struggle to stay solvent after their loved one’s death. The family faces the loss of the decedent’s monetary support, such as lost wages, benefits, bonuses, insurance, and the love and kindness they provided in their daily lives. Also, the loss of the decedent’s help with household chores such as child care, cooking, and lawn maintenance may require hiring others to complete such necessary tasks. 

A wrongful death lawsuit can help the family cover such damages and pay for funeral and burial expenses. While the lawsuit can never bring back the love and devotion they lost, it can give the family the ability to carry on. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Elk Grove

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