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Motorcycle Accident Reported on Highway 99 at SR-120 in Stockton

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October 07, 2022
Edward Smith

Motorcycle Wreck on SR-99 in Stockton

On the morning of Thursday, October 6, 2022, a motorcycle wreck occurred on SR-99 in the Stockton area. The incident was reported shortly before 9:30 a.m. and involved a Tesla and a motorcyclist, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Details on the Motorcycle Wreck on SR-99 and SR-120 in Stockton

Officials reported a car vs. motorcycle accident on northbound Highway 99 at the westbound State Route 120 connector. According to the Stockton Fire Department, one party was transported to the hospital. Additional information on the crash was not immediately available due to an ongoing investigation by CHP traffic officers.

What to Expect from a Motorcycle Accident Injury Case

A car vs. motorcycle accident is likely to result in serious injuries or even death because of a rider’s limited protection. When a biker suffers injuries in a crash through no fault of their own, they may seek financial compensation by filing a bodily injury claim against the negligent driver and their insurance company. The process is not always straightforward, as there must be clear and compelling evidence linking reported injuries and losses to the incident. This will often involve a thorough investigation, which should be left to an experienced Stockton motorcycle accident attorney to handle on behalf of an injured party.

A lawyer with years of experience handling motorcycle accident cases will know the best way to proceed when it comes to gathering evidence, identifying at-fault parties, and establishing liability. When the attorney has gathered all relevant evidence, they will examine it and determine negligence on the part of the other side. This may also involve interviewing expert witnesses who can provide insight into the incident and reported injuries, such as an accident reconstruction expert, medical professional, economist, and more. This process will allow the motorcycle accident lawyer to build a strong and compelling case for maximum compensation.

Compensation for injuries from a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent party or entity may be broken down into economic and non-economic damages. The former references the financial losses experienced because of the incident and the resulting injuries. The latter considers the intangible harm that accident-related injuries have imposed on the claimant. Aside from these two types, punitive damages may also be recoverable if the other side engaged in egregious conduct leading up to the crash, like DUI. An attorney will work to determine all applicable damages in a motorcycle accident case to obtain the best possible outcome on behalf of the client.

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