Motorcycle Rider Injured in Orangevale Crash on Hazel Avenue

Motorcycle Rider Injured in Orangevale Crash on Hazel Avenue

Motorcycle Rider Injured in Orangevale Crash on Hazel Avenue

I’m Ed Smith, an Orangevale motorcycle accident lawyer. An afternoon collision in Orangevale along Hazel Avenue recently left a motorcycle rider with injuries, according to representatives of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The rider, who remains unidentified, was treated at the scene by medics with the fire department. The reason for the accident has not yet been released by investigators.

Details of the Accident

The collision occurred at the intersection of Hazel Avenue and Cerezo Drive at about 4:30 in the afternoon and involved a Saturn and the motorcycle rider. No details were given on the driver of the Saturn or whether that person was detained in the crash.

Avoiding Accidents With a Motorcycle

Wearing protective gear and an approved helmet can help avoid injuries when in a motorcycle accident. So can riding the appropriate bike and taking a safety course that includes how to react in an emergency situation. This is especially important with the rise in motorcycle accidents around the nation, including California. Although accidents will happen, knowing what to do when danger looms can make a difference between getting hurt and avoiding a collision. Following are some of the more common types of motorcycle crashes and how to avoid them.

  • Lane splitting: This practice of riding a motorcycle between lanes of motor vehicles is legal in California. However, it can be a dangerous practice. Motorcycle riders can stay safer while lane splitting by never performing this when the traffic is moving faster than 30 mph, staying between the number one and number two lanes and being cautious to avoid clipping a motor vehicle’s side mirrors. In addition, stay alert, and take weather into consideration before lane splitting.
  • Vehicles making a left turn: Left-turning vehicles are one of the most common reasons for accidents with motorcycles. In many cases, the driver will say they did not see the motorcycle. Wearing brightly colored clothing and watching for tale-tell signs of a turning vehicle can help in these common types of accidents.
  • Drunk drivers: Not only are motorcyclists sometimes guilty of riding while intoxicated, drunk motorists behind the wheel are a real danger to others. Planning ahead when drinking with friends can help avoid a collision. This might be a good time to leave the bike at home, and take an Uber or catch a ride with a friend.
  • Speeding: Speeding is dangerous when driving a vehicle. It is even more so when on a motorcycle. Those who ride sports motorcycles that are designed to go at faster speeds than touring bikes or cruisers are two to four times more likely to be involved in a crash resulting in motorcyclist traumatic injuries. This is an easy fix. Just slow down.
  • Cornering: Cornering on a motorcycle can be dangerous because these are the locations where debris such as gravel or wet leaves can accumulate. A rider may also misjudge the angle of the turn, or go too fast and wipe out. Slowing down when approaching a curve or corner can help avoid an accident.
  • Head-on collisions: A high percentage of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities occur in head-on collisions. Ways a motorcyclist can avoid being involved in a head-on collision, according to the National Safety Council, include reducing speed, staying to the right where speeds are slower and keeping a close eye on the road ahead.

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