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The Development of Motorcycle Artificial Intelligence

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September 16, 2019
Edward Smith

The Development of Motorcycle Artificial Intelligence

An article was recently published discussing how motorcycle artificial intelligence (AI) systems can be used to reduce the rate of collisions on the road, particularly as it pertains to turning speed. One of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents as a whole are turns that are taken too sharply. When someone takes a curve at high speed, the tires lose their grip on the road and vehicles, including motorcycles, can flip. Vehicle rollover accidents are a serious problem and can lead to significant traumatic injuries. This is an even larger problem when it comes to motorcycles because there is no protection between the rider and the pavement.

Motorcycle artificial intelligence has been evolving quickly over the past few years and a team of developers has been researching how AI can be used to control how quickly riders handle curves. This road curvature warning system can reduce the rate of accidents and injuries.

Exploring a Road Curvature Warning System

The road curvature warning system has the potential to train both motorcycles and riders to take curves at safe speeds. This system uses the vision of a computer system as well as data from maps to take curves safely. This data includes important factors such as the motorcycle’s roll angle, the lane position, the geometry of the pavement, and the predicted path of the motorcycle. Using this data, the system can predict a safe speed for the curve and keep the rider, and the motorcycle, on the road.

According to the developers, one of the most challenging aspects of riding a motorcycle is learning how to take curves safely. When someone is learning how to take a curve on a motorcycle, the rider needs to adjust their speed and lane position prior to entering the turn. Then, the rider needs to roll the handlebars properly to keep the motorcycle upright. Even the slightest mistake when performing this maneuver can lead to a serious accident. The developers went on to say that close to 30 percent of all motorcycle accidents take place when a rider is negotiating a curve. This system has the potential to reduce the rate of motorcycle accidents significantly.

Building on the Existing Motorcycle Artificial Intelligence System

The advent of motorcycle curve warning systems is not unique; however, this team’s system represents a significant leap. Older systems relied mainly on information on the motorcycle’s lane position and used expensive, infeasible sensors to accomplish this goal. Older systems also did not account for the incline of the road. On the other hand, this new system uses a large database with key mapping information and neural networks, which are the cornerstone of any motorcycle AI system. Furthermore, the information regarding road geometry and roll angle are also unique.

The team has already demonstrated how their system would work. The team has fed images regarding roll angles and road geometry into their neural network system. The images were captured using continuous GoPro camera systems. The networks were trained on millions of images and stated that their system performed very well in this test situation. It was able to interpret the information quickly and respond appropriately to keep the rider upright.

Reducing the Rate of Accidents and Injuries: Prevention

This system’s performance in the simulation setting is encouraging. The next step of this system is to take it from the neural network simulation area to an actual motorcycle to see how it performs in real-time. While this motorcycle artificial intelligence system is still in the early stages, it does hold tremendous potential for both accident and injury reduction. Even though other examples of motorcycle technology, such as helmets, have progressed as well, the most effective form of injury treatment is always prevention. That is the goal of this motorcycle AI technology. It will be exciting to track the progression of this cutting-edge motorcycle technology as its development continues to progress.

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