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April 17, 2019
Edward Smith

Most Common Injuries in a Car Accident

Being injured in a car accident can cause serious and long-term problems. While not all injuries are severe, it’s still important to be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure that seemingly minor issues don’t become more serious later.

You may also want to speak with a car accident lawyer to see what rights you have and whether you should receive compensation for your injuries. Here are some of the most common car accident injuries you’ll want to watch out for after a collision.

Back and Head Injuries

Injuries to the back and head are some of the most commonly seen problems in a car accident. Not all cars have airbags, and drivers and passengers can strike their head on the dashboard, steering wheel, and other locations. Even with airbags in a vehicle, hitting your head against the window is common. Traumatic brain injuries can come from these blows to the head, as can concussions and cognitive issues that may be ongoing. Spinal cord damage can also happen, along with other severe types of back injuries. Some of these injuries may cause permanent nerve damage.

Chest and Neck Injuries

Most people think of cervical sprain when they think of car accident injuries. This is a widespread problem, especially in rear-end collisions. Other common car accident injuries to the neck and chest include blunt force trauma that results in collapsed lungs, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. Damage to the internal organs and traumatic cardiac arrest also occur in severe accidents that cause a lot of stress and strain on the body.

Watch YouTube Video: How to Treat a Neck Sprain. The video below demonstrates how you can treat a cervical sprain with ice, exercises and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Other Common Injuries

A lot of common injuries occur to the extremities, such as the hands and feet. Pedestrians and motorcyclists commonly have more severe injuries than the occupants of the vehicle, with severed and crushed limbs being seen more frequently. Torn ligaments, broken bones, and a higher rate of fatalities are seen in motorcycle accidents, but these types of injuries can certainly occur in car accidents, as well.

What most people don’t realize, but that is still very commonly seen, are the emotional injuries that can be sustained in an accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other types of psychological distress are prevalent after a severe car accident, especially if you or a loved one was badly injured physically or a loved one was killed. These emotional injuries can linger and can require treatment and counseling.

Escalon Car Accident Lawyers

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