Modesto Pedestrian Accident Statistics 2016


Modesto Pedestrian Accident Statistics 2016

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto personal injury lawyer. Pedestrian accidents are drastically increasing throughout the state of California. Although this type of accident can be completely avoided, it is still taking place everyday in cities such as Modesto.

Modesto Pedestrian Accidents

In 2016, there were 104 pedestrian accidents in Modesto. There were 22 (21.2%) felony hit-and runs and 2 (1.9%) misdemeanor hit-and-runs. Unfortunately, these accidents caused 104 victims to suffer traumatic injuries and 5 victims to suffer fatal injuries.

Modesto Pedestrian Accidents by Violation Type:

The following data describes the type of violation for pedestrian accidents in Modesto:

  • Crosswalk, Overtaking and Passing a Motor Vehicle That is Stopped for a Nearby Pedestrian: 2 – 1.9%
  • Driver Must Yield to Pedestrian Right-of-Way in a Crosswalk: 46 – 44.2%
  • Jaywalking, Between Signal Controlled Intersections: 2 – 1.9%
  • Pedestrian Yield, Upon Roadway Outside a Crosswalk: 23 – 22.1%
  • Public or Private Property, Yield to Approaching Traffic So Close as to Constitute an Immediate Hazard: 3 – 2.9%
  • Red or Stop, Vehicles Must Stop at the Limit Line or X-Walk. When Making a Right Turn at a Red Light or Stop Sign, the Driver is Required to Yield to Any Vehicle Approaching So Closely as Constitute as an Immediate Hazard: 1 – 1%
  • Right Half of Roadway, Failure to Drive On: 1 – 1%
  • Traffic Control Sign, Failure to Obey Regulatory Provisions: 1 – 1%
  • Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drug or Combination, While Driving a Motor Vehicle: 1 – 1%
  • Unsafe Speed for Prevailing Conditions: 6 – 5.8%
  • Unsafe Turn With/Without Signaling: 1 – 1%
  • “Walk” Pedestrian’s Failure to Yield the Right-of-Way to Vehicles Already in the Crosswalk: 1 – 1%
  • Walking Along the Roadway, Other than the Pedestrian’s Left Edge: 3 – 2.9%

Pedestrian Action During Accident

The following data reveals the action of pedestrians during the time of accidents:

  • Crossing in Crosswalk at an Intersection: 38 – 36.5%
  • Crossing in Crosswalk Not at an Intersection: 4 -3.8%
  • Crossing, Not in Crosswalk: 39 – 37.5%
  • In Road, Including Shoulder: 15 – 14.4%
  • Not in Road: 4 – 3.8%
  • Not Stated: 4 – 3.8%

Unsafe Intersections for Modesto Pedestrians

The following statistics indicates the most dangerous intersections for Modesto pedestrians:

  • Martin Luther King Drive and Paradise Road and Sutter Avenue and Tuolumne Boulevard
  • McHenry Avenue and Sandiford Avenue and Sylvan Avenue
  • Tully Road and Yale Avenue
  • Trinity Avenue and Tully Road
  • Santa Ana Avenue and Yosemite Boulevard
  • McHenry Avenue and Mensinger Avenue
  • Leonard Avenue and Tully Road
  • Santa Barbara Avenue and Yosemite Boulevard
  • Floyd Avenue and Maxine Drive
  • Coffee Road and Coolidge Avenue

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents continue to be a problem among the roadway today despite efforts through awareness and prevention. In recent years, there has been an increase in hit-and-run pedestrian accidents, especially in Modesto with nearly a rate of 23.1% in 2016 alone. It is unfathomable that a motorist would flee from the scene of a pedestrian accident, leaving the victim to suffer or even pass away from their injuries. For more information, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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