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Minor Suffers Major Injuries After Carmichael Alleged DUI Accident

Minor Injured When Car He Was Riding In Hits Concrete Wall

A young boy is fighting for his life after being injured in a vehicle driven by a suspected DUI driver in Carmichael at around 1:30 a.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported they arrived at the crash site on Dewey Drive, where it connects with Winding Way to find a Mercedes collided with a wall. The suspected DUI driver, identified only as a female from Woodland, 26, at the time of this report. She suffered serious injuries and was taken to Mercy San Juan Medical Center, where she is in critical condition. 

The female DUI driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. She was not taken into custody but was released to the medical center for treatment of her major injuries. The six-year-old, a passenger in the vehicle, was listed as suffering life-threatening injuries. The child was sitting in the front passenger seat of the Mercedes. He was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment. 

The North Sacramento Office of the CHP is investigating the crash. They are asking community members to call them if they witnessed the accident. The number to call for this office is (916) 348-2300.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single-vehicle crashes are common in California. They occur for a variety of reasons, such as a fatigued driver who falls asleep at the wheel. Another reason is obstacles in the road, which cause the driver to veer away. DUI drivers are frequently involved in single-vehicle crashes. This occurs when they lose control of their vehicle either because they fall asleep or are too impaired to drive. 

Liability in a Single-Vehicle Crash

Because only one vehicle is involved, liability for the accident usually targets the driver. It is believed that the driver is the one person best suited under the circumstances to avoid the accident. Driver error or other forms of negligence are generally found. 

In some cases, the driver may have been drinking before starting out. This activity leads to a broad range of accidents. This serious infringement of the rules of the road can lead not only to civil lawsuits but also to criminal charges. 

Other Causes of Single-Vehicle Crashes

There are a few other reasons for single-vehicle crashes that should be mentioned. Defective auto parts such as brakes or tires can cause a single-vehicle crash. In this case, the driver would have the chance to file a claim for their injuries and those of a passenger. 

Another reason for some single-vehicle crashes occurs when the roadway is defective. In this instance, the injured driver or passenger can lodge a claim against the government agency in charge of roads. It is important to file within the short time limit associated with government claims. Your personal injury lawyer will make sure that all documentation is filed in a timely manner.

Drunk Driving and Liability

DUI drivers are liable for accidents caused by their impairment. Many times, a family member or close friend is injured in the crash. In such cases, the injured family member or friend has the right to file a claim against the drunk driver. The only issue is when the injured party knew the driver was drunk and entered the vehicle as a passenger. 

Investigating a Single-Vehicle Accident Caused by a DUI Driver

Accidents are not always clear-cut, and the cause may differ from what seems to be an obvious reason. Drunk driving falls into this category. A drunk driver’s ability to drive safely is negatively affected by alcohol. This is the primary reason for the accident. However, defective auto parts and roadway problems may add to the severity of the accident. 

Our investigators go to the accident scene and gather evidence to prove liability. They speak to witnesses and obtain video footage that may be available. Our investigators also review police reports for accuracy. We also use accident reconstruction techniques. Once all the evidence is compiled, our lawyers use it to build a strong case for our client. 

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