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May 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Metatarsal Fracture Complications

Metatarsals are the bones in the foot that connect to the toes. A fracture of the metatarsal can lead to some serious complication that could make it difficult for an individual to bear weight or walk on the foot. Just like the toes, there are five separate metatarsal bones. All of them are prone to fracturing in a traumatic accident. Some of the most common mechanisms of metatarsal fractures include:

  • A situation where a heavy object falls and lands on the foot.
  • An abrupt twisting of the foot that can lead to the fracture of one or more metatarsals.
  • A crush injury such as having the foot rolled up in an auto accident.
  • A slip and fall injury which leads to a direct impact to the foot.

All of these mechanisms can lead to a fracture of one or more metatarsals. If someone presents to the doctor with foot pain in the setting of one of the mechanisms above, further diagnostic tests are used to make the diagnosis.

The Diagnosis of a Fractured Metatarsal

One of the first steps that a doctor will take to diagnose a fractured metatarsal is to ask about the symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of a fractured metatarsal include:

  • Point tenderness in the foot that gets worse with movement
  • Pain that gets worse with weight-bearing on the affected foot
  • Swelling of the foot
  • Bruising of the foot

If someone has been involved in a traumatic accident and develops these symptoms, the next step will probably be imaging. An x-ray will be ordered from multiple views to get a better look at the metatarsals. If one of them has been fractured, the treatment process will begin. During the healing process, there are several complications that might arise.

Common Complications of a Broken Foot

A rapid diagnosis is essential so that the treatment process can begin quickly. This will be important for preventing serious complications from developing. Some of the most serious complications that might occur include:

  • Permanent deformation of the bone structure which might make it hard to move the foot or find shoes that fit.
  • The development of arthritis if the bone does not heal properly and damages the cartilage in the foot.
  • Chronic pain as a result of a deformity in the bony architecture of the foot.
  • Repeated surgical procedures as a result of malunion or chronic pain.

All of these complications could lead to serious quality of life problems.

Watch YouTube Video: Metatarsal Stress Fracture: Mechanism of Injury, Signs, and Treatment. In this video, Dr. David Geier explains the metatarsal stress fracture in the foot.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

If an individual has been involved in an accident and suffered a fractured metatarsal, the recovery process could be long. This could make it difficult to return to work, go to school, or even walk around the house. This situation could place the entire family under a significant amount of stress. Under these circumstances, meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento is important. Some of the resources that an attorney might share include:

  • Helping families seek damages related to the accident, its injuries, and any complications.
  • Assisting families in making objective decisions during a difficult time.
  • Shifting a case to the courtroom when required.

Families need to know that help is always available during a difficult time. Speak with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today. Your family could be owed compensation for the injuries suffered as a result of an accident with a negligent person or entity.

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