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Medical Emergency May Have Caused Crash on Blue Oaks Blvd.

Medical Emergency May Have Caused Crash on Blue Oaks Blvd.

Medical Emergency May Have Caused Crash on Blue Oaks Blvd.

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento auto accident attorney. A May 18 single-vehicle crash on the Blue Oaks Boulevard exit ramp near Blue Oaks Town Center was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It is unknown what caused the accident. The vehicle involved went across the ramp and collided with the center divider. It is unknown whether the driver or any passengers were injured in the collision. 

What Happened

The crash happened at about 6:30 in the evening where Blue Oaks connects with California State Route 65 North. According to the CHP, the unidentified red sedan crashed into the center divide repeatedly. Smoke was emitting from the vehicle, and it sustained front-end damage and partially blocked the lane. The fire department was called along with medical emergency personnel as a precautionary measure. The CHP is investigating the accident as to cause.

Unrelenting Accelerator

There are several reasons an accelerator remains depressed. Some happen despite driver efforts to release it. Others are due to driver errors or emergencies:

  • Mechanical malfunctions:  Due to mechanical issues, an accelerator can remain depressed. In many cases, a faulty throttle can cause this. This reflects a problem with the manufacture of the vehicle and possibly its design.
  • External Issues: Such interference occurs when the floor mat wedges itself under the accelerator.
  • Impaired driver: An impaired driver may have problems differentiating the accelerator and the brakes. They may think they are depressing the brake pedal when it is the accelerator.
  • Drowsy driver: A driver may fall asleep with his or her foot on the accelerator and not remove it.
  • Medical emergency: An unexpected medical emergency may cause the driver to lose consciousness with their foot on the accelerator.

How to Offset a Stuck Accelerator

If your accelerator sticks due to a mechanical malfunction, there are things you can do:

  • Shift into neutral on your power train
  • Put pressure on the brakes
  • While doing this, search for a way to get off the road
  • Blow the horn or put on hazard lights to let other drivers know you are having a problem
  • Get off the road if it is safe to do so
  • Once you have directed the vehicle in a safe direction, turn off the ignition switch

Sudden Medical Emergencies

Sudden medical emergencies occur when the driver experiences a health-related event that has the capability of causing an accident. Some various events include heart attacks, diabetes or loss of consciousness. Under these circumstances, the driver would not be liable for damages since the event was out of his or her control. However, the driver must prove the following:

  • The loss of consciousness happened suddenly before a negligent act was committed that could lead to the accident.
  • A medical emergency that can be documented caused the loss of consciousness.
  • The loss of consciousness led to losing control of the vehicle.

Foreseeability in a Sudden Medical Emergency

If the medical emergency was precipitated by something the driver did against medical advice, he or she might be liable. For instance, let’s say the driver was diabetic. They were most likely instructed in ways to keep their blood sugar level normal. However, the individual may have deviated from medical advice and became hypoglycemic while driving. The driver could be said to have caused the medical emergency and might be considered liable for the accident. 

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