Overview of Median Nerve Injuries

Overview of a Median Nerve Injury

The median nerve is one of the most critical parts of the body. Running down the arm and into the hand, a median nerve injury could lead to severe complications. Like other nerve injuries, damage to this vital structure could lead to the permanent loss of various motor and sensory functions.

What are the Functions of the Median Nerve?

This nerve serves a variety of essential tasks, including:

  • The median nerve supplies the many muscles of the forearm and the hand.
  • When this nerve fires, the forearm rotates, and the hand faces down.
  • This nerve also branches out into many smaller nerves that innervate the various muscles of the hand.
  • These smaller nerves flex the hand.
  • This nerve is also compressed when an individual develops carpal tunnels syndrome.

Any blunt or penetrating injury of the hand could lead to severe nerve damage. If an individual has been diagnosed with this type of nerve injury, there are several symptoms that he or she might notice.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Median Nerve Injury?

An individual might suffer a penetrating injury of the median nerve in a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall injury. In a slip and fall injury, a humerus fracture is one of the most common ways that this nerve is damaged. If the nerve has been damaged, several different symptoms might develop. Among these are:

  • An inability to rotate the forearm.
  • Problems flexing the thumb, first, and second finger.
  • The inability to make a “ring” sign with the thumb and first finger.
  • When trying to contract the hand into a fist, only the last two fingers will move.
  • Numbness of the thumb, first, and second finger along with the palmar area of the hand.

Once this diagnosis has been confirmed, there are several treatment options available.

What are the Treatment Options for Median Nerve Injuries?

The treatment of this nerve injury will depend on exactly how the injury occurred in the first place. Sometimes, the median nerve is damaged because swelling occurred in and around the nerve. If the nerve is compressed, it will stop firing. Surgery could be used to relieve the swelling and restore function. On the other hand, if the nerve was cut by a penetrating injury, the complications are often permanent. While surgery could be attempted, it is rarely successful. This can lead to serious quality of life problems.

Watch YouTube Video: Anatomy of the Median Nerve by Nabil Ebraheim. Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, in this video, provides an overview of a median nerve injury, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Importance of Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney

If an individual has developed severe nerve damage after an auto accident, this could lead to long-term motor and sensory complications. These issues could make it hard for someone to return to work, attend school, or engage in the activities that they enjoy. When this happens, families should meet with a personal injury lawyer. The benefits of working with an experienced attorney include:

  • Having a professional who can negotiate with financial institutions to make sure that all benefits are paid out on time.
  • Assistance in pursuing damages related to the injury, its complications, and even emotional distress.
  • Shifting a case to trial when required.

Finally, nobody should have to go through this difficult situation alone. Professional assistance is available. Work with an injury attorney during the recovery process. You and your family might be entitled to a significant financial award.

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