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Mechanisms of a Calcaneus Fracture

Mechanisms of a Calcaneus Fracture

Mechanisms of a Calcaneus Fracture

Mechanisms of a Calcaneus Fracture. There is a variety of injuries that someone could sustain in an accident and some of these can lead to bone fractures. The calcaneus is the large bone that forms the hee. It plays a vital role in walking. The mechanisms of a calcaneus fracture typically involve a direct impact against the heel. Some of the statistics regarding this severe fracture that have been published on Up to Date include:

  • Among the bones in a foot, the calcaneus is the most commonly fractured
  • In the adult population, about 6 out of every 10-foot fractures involve the calcaneus
  • The most common patient population who fractures a calcaneus is young males
  • The majority of calcaneus fractures are displaced
  • The vast majority of calcaneus fractures result from traumatic accidents, such as auto accidents and falls

When someone sustains a fracture of a calcaneus, they could wind up with long-term disabilities that stem from difficulty walking. Because of this, it is essential to understand how these fractures develop.

Watch YouTube Video ~ Types of Calcaneus Fractures (Broken Heel). Learn more about this type of injury in the informative video below.

Mechanism of Injury: A Fractured Heel

The mechanism of a calcaneus fracture is typically through a direct axial load applied to the heel. Most calcaneus fractures require a significant amount of trauma. This often results from a fall from a great height, jumping from a significant distance (such as a roof or a tree), or in an auto accident. Sometimes, calcaneus fractures are hard to detect with a clinical examination. The only symptoms might be pain around the heel, swelling, and difficulty walking. Many calcaneus fractures do not have an obvious deformity of the heel. Therefore, x-rays are almost always needed to assess the injury site.

Long-term Disability from a Calcaneus Fracture

Many of the fractures of a calcaneus wind up being displaced. This means that the bones have been displaced from their standard anatomical location. When the bones in the heel are displaced, surgery is often needed to put them back in their proper location. If this isn’t performed quickly, the bones may start healing in the wrong spot, a complication referred to as malunion. If this isn’t detected quickly, compartment syndrome of the foot can develop. If not noticed, this can lead to significant long-term disabilities. When surgery is completed to repair the displaced fracture, patients may have trouble walking. Sometimes, physical therapy can be helpful to assist patients in re-learning how to walk. This is a significant rehabilitation process that can keep individuals from returning to work after the injury.

Help from a Legal Adviser

If someone has sustained a fracture of a calcaneus, they could have a long recovery process ahead of them. People depend on their calcaneus for mobility and balance issues. Sometimes, they can have difficulty ambulating and might have problems returning to work or school. This can place families under a significant amount of stress. For help with these issues, meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento is a good idea. A trained legal professional has the tools available to help families during their time of need. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions, especially if you suffered this type of injury due to the negligence of someone else. You and your loved ones could be entitled to financial compensation.

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