Marysville Speed Limit Increase Proposal

Marysville Speed Limit Increase Proposal

Marysville Speed Limit Increase Proposal

Marysville Speed Limit Increase Proposal

I’m Ed Smith, a Marysville Auto Accident Attorney. Caltrans reports state that most of the motorists commuting on Highway 70 North towards Marysville are driving at excessive speeds. For this reason, Caltrans is proposing a speed limit increase to correlate to the speeds of other motorists on the roadways to Marysville.


Caltrans is a government organization that manages the systems of public transportation for California residents. The organization controls over 50,000 miles of highways and freeway lanes in California. The mission of Caltrans is to ensure safe and efficient means of transportation for commuters in the state of California.

Speed Limit Increase Proposal

Researchers from Caltrans have been closely studying the driving habits of motorists on Highways 20 and 70 towards Marysville. Caltrans is required conduct studies every seven years for the correlation of posted speed limits and driving habits for motorists on the roadways. Reports reveal six regions in the city where motorists drive at speeds exceeding the posted speed limits. City leaders in Marysville will be given a week to send their recommendations to Caltrans to finalize the decision.

Speed Limit Increase Areas

Caltrans has made a proposal for the following areas for highways leading towards and into Marysville to change the posted speed limits.

  • Highway 70 Northbound leading into the city intersection of First Street and Beal Road is the main area for concern where motorists are most often found speeding. The posted speed limit would be increased from 45 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour. This would be a major change for motorists entering the city.
  • A 10 mile per hour increase on Highway 70’s intersections of First Street and Ninth Street and 18th Street and 24th Street.
  • A 5 to 10 mile per hour increase on Highway 20’s 10th Street Bridge, Ramirez Street to Buchanan Street and E Street to B Street.

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