Manteca Car Accident Injures Passenger

Manteca Car Accident Injures Passenger

manteca car accident

Manteca Car Accident Injures Passenger — A single-vehicle accident in east Manteca left a passenger with traumatic injuries on September 6, 2018. The collision occurred at approximately 10:30 in the morning where a vehicle traveling along the northbound lanes of Highway 99 reportedly veered off the highway and crashed. Emergency crews were called to the scene to extricate a passenger out of the mangled vehicle and transported them to an area hospital for immediate treatment. Officials have not yet released an update on the condition of the passenger.

Common Passenger Injuries in Car Accidents

There is a wide array of injuries that can be suffered in a car accident. When a passenger is involved in a crash, they may face the unique risk of striking the dashboard or being ejected through the windows or windshield of a vehicle. Some of the most common injuries among passengers may include:

  • Chest Blunt Trauma: The chest may be propelled into the steering wheel or dashboard with considerable force. Sitting very close to these areas of the vehicle without a seat belt may result in severe trauma from the rapid deployment of the airbags.
  • Head Injuries: These can be complex in nature and may involve a concussive injury or laceration to the scalp. Severe repercussions may result when the trauma is such that the brain and skull are injured. This can lead to a traumatic brain injury further leading to potential brain damage or wrongful death.
  • Facial Injuries: Lacerations to the face and head may leave lasting scars. Plastic surgery may be required to fix the disfigurement, which may not be entirely effective in diminishing the appearance of the scarring.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Roughly 40 percent of these injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, according to the Mayo Clinic. Trauma to the spinal column may result in a loss of movement, nerve damage, numbness, and partial or complete paralysis in some extreme cases.

Passenger Injury Claims

When a passenger is injured in an auto accident, that passenger may be able to file a personal injury claim against multiple parties. These may include the motorist of the vehicle in which the passenger was riding in and other drivers involved in the crash. Other parties that may also be considered include the registered owners of the involved cars and employers of company vehicles. For more details on passenger injury claims, contact an experienced attorney.

Factors That Affect Value of an Injury Claim

Those injured in motor vehicle accidents may be able to recover compensation for their damages. These may include costs of medical treatment, time away from work, and other related losses. To learn about some of the factors that may affect the value of an injury claim, watch the following YouTube video.

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Manteca Car Accident Injures Passenger:

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