Man Killed in Train Accident In West Sacramento

Accident In West Sacramento

Man Killed in West Sacramento Train Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento train accident lawyer. An accident involving an Amtrak train and pedestrian occurred in West Sacramento on March 4 in which the pedestrian died. The Union Pacific Railroad and Sacramento police are investigating the accident as to cause.

Accident Details

The accident occurred shortly after 5:00 p.m. near 1st Avenue and Sutter Street underneath I-80 when the train struck and killed a man who was reportedly walking on the tracks. The train, carrying about 80 passengers, was traveling from Sacramento to Oakland. It is unknown why the individual was near or on the railroad tracks when the collision occurred. There were no injuries to either train personnel or passengers. However, the train was delayed while the deadly incident was investigated. No information has yet been released on the identity of the man who died.

Railroad Accidents

In 2017, the Federal Railroad Administration reported 11,480 accidents that resulted in injuries or fatalities. There were 888 fatalities reported last year. Derailments were the cause of 73.32 percent of the incidents, while collisions accounted for 5.30 percent. Statista reported 805 fatalities the previous year.

Safety at Railroad Crossings

Safety around railroad crossings has improved considerably since the old days when flagmen and lanterns were used to indicate when it was safe for a motor vehicle or pedestrian to cross. Now, boom gates, alarms and flashing lights signal when a train is coming, so people can be aware that there isn’t sufficient time to cross the tracks. However, since the average locomotive pulling freight or passenger cars behind it weighs around 400,000 pounds, the engineer does not have enough time to stop if there is a vehicle on the tracks or a pedestrian. What some people don’t realize is that trains even take precedence over emergency vehicles as well as motor vehicles and walkers. Some of the following tips may help prevent an accident with a train.

  • Do not walk on the tracks. It is illegal.
  • Always stop before proceeding across a railroad crossing.
  • Cross only at designated crossings.
  • Don’t try to drive or walk under or around the barrier.
  • If the lights or alarm sound or the barrier starts going down, you need to wait until the train passes.
  • The speed of a train is difficult to judge and is probably moving much faster than you think. Never try to beat a train before it reaches the crossing.
  • Today’s trains are much quieter than the older models. Always look both ways as you would when crossing a street.
  • Avoid distractions such as talking on a cell phone or texting, whether you are behind the wheel of a vehicle or on foot. Distractions may prevent you from hearing the approach of a train.

Liability in an Amtrak Train Accident

Because Amtrak has a special agreement to offer nationwide train service, it carries usage agreements with about 30 railroads that amount to a “no-fault” agreement. This means the railroads that own the tracks are responsible for its own property and employees. Amtrak has the responsibility for any injuries or deaths of passengers or anyone else injured or killed, which includes pedestrians who have been struck by a train.

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