Man Attacked by Pit Bull While Attempting to Save Teen

Man Attacked by Pit Bull While Attempting to Save Teen

Chad Bird, a Marysville man, had been driving by a local park on the morning of Tuesday, January 8, 2019, when he looked out of his window and saw three large pit bulls attacking a teenager. Bird reportedly immediately pulled over and jumped out of his vehicle to help the 14-year-old. However, the dogs turned around and began attacking him, one trying to drag him down to the ground by pulling at his ankles while another leaped up onto his back. Ultimately, both Bird and the teen suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident. However, thanks to Bird’s intervention, the teen was not left with life-threatening trauma.

What Happened?

Lt. Manny Cardoza with the Marysville Police Department (MPD) said that the teen was first attacked at about 10:45 a.m. while walking south away from the intersection of 14th and Yuba Streets. Only one of the three dogs had been on a leash, and the teen was chased into the nearby park where the dogs eventually caught up.

Bird reported that when he reached the teen, the dog’s acted like a “wolf pack” trying to take him down together. Bird told reporters that the incident happened quickly and that he “didn’t even think about it,” stating that he believed the teen would have been killed if somebody hadn’t stepped in to help. Police say that the dogs’ owner attempted to stop the animals but was not able to. The dog attack continued until a local man struck one using a shovel. Bird noted that the third man with the shovel was “the only reason they stopped.”


Both Bird and the teen were taken to a local hospital to be given medical care after the incident. However, medics stated that, while the injuries were significant, neither parties required stitches. Bird told reporters that he was feeling better on Thursday, January 10, 2019, but that both of his ankles had been broken and he had suffered several puncture wounds on both of his arms. He reportedly met with a surgeon later in the day to talk about possible surgical options for recovery.

Animal Custody

According to reports, the department of animal care services took all three dogs into custody for a period of quarantine. Because none of the dogs have a history of violence on file with the city, the owner is reportedly able to retrieve them and regain custody provided she can pay the necessary fees. Cardoza also stated that the owner of the dogs is not currently facing any criminal charges.

Dog Bites: What to Do

Many people are unsure of what steps they should take after suffering a dog bite injury. Take a few minutes to watch the below video to learn a bit more about how to respond in a situation like this one:

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Man Attacked by Pit Bull While Attempting to Save Teen: Ed Smith

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