Making Sacramento Intersections Safe

Making Sacramento Intersections Safe – A new project aimed at making Sacramento intersections safe is in its infancy as the city begins its review of five dangerous crossroads. These intersections are known to be the site of numerous accidents resulting in both serious injuries and deadly crashes. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists all share the road with heavier cars and trucks, and everyone risks injury at intersections. Learn which five intersections are being targeted first and what can be done to make crossroads safe.

The Five Most Dangerous Intersections

After reviewing crossroads in the city, the Making Sacramento Intersections Safe study group was able to designate five intersections that have the greatest number of injuries and deaths. They are:

  • Florin Road: The area under study is from Munson Way to 24th Street.
  • Broadway-Stockton Boulevard: This encompasses 13th Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
  • South Stockton Boulevard: This includes the area from Patterson Way to McMahon Drive.
  • Marysville Boulevard: The area under study is from Arcade Boulevard to North Avenue.
  • El Camino Avenue: This runs from Del Paso Boulevard to the trail next to Steelhead Creek.

Community Involvement in Making Sacramento Intersections Safe

The city is asking that community residents and others who use these crossroads become active in the Making Sacramento Intersections Safe effort. Their involvement will highlight their concerns as they walk, cycle and drive through the intersections. Anyone experiencing problems in one or more of the crossings should be on the lookout for scheduled meetings.

How Making Sacramento Intersections Safe Will Work

While no details have been provided at the time of this report, the study group gave a few specific ways that will be used to improve crosswalk safety. They plan to use educational efforts, engineering changes and enforcement of the laws that govern intersections. Changes may be seen by the summer of 2019.

What Are Traffic Intersection Rules in California?

According to the DMV, an intersection is defined as the area where one road meets another. Since intersections are noted for traffic accidents, it is a good idea to learn the rules of the road as they pertain to intersections:

  • Some intersections lack stop signs. In such cases, it is important to yield to any pedestrian, bicycle or motor vehicle already in the intersection. If another vehicle arrives before you do, you must yield to them. In the case where your car and another reach the intersection simultaneously, the vehicle on the right goes first.
  • Turning left can be tricky. It is mandatory that you allow any approaching vehicle that is close to the intersection to pass through before you turn. Make note that while waiting to turn, it’s safer to keep your vehicle’s wheels straight. This protects you from being thrown into cross traffic if your car is hit in the rear.
  • At three-way intersections where two roads cross perpendicular in a “T” formation, vehicles and pedestrians on the main road have the right of way.
  • Check for pedestrians and cyclists whenever you are turning right.
  • Always stop first on four-way stops and then follow the rules above.
  • On roadways where several lanes cross, it is important to be alert for vehicles turning. If you need to turn, wait until you have ample space to do so.

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