Major Rio Linda Traffic Crash Costs Life of Unborn Child

Driver Flees as CHP Officers Break Up Sideshow

A pregnant woman lost her unborn child, and six people were injured in a traffic crash in Rio Linda on September 16. The accident was the result of a sideshow being held at the Elverta Road intersection with Dutch Haven Boulevard when California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrived there around 9:00 p.m. Officers reported that more than 100 vehicles were at the sideshow and that a crowd of people blocked the intersection where it was being held. 

Driver Crashes Into Car, Causing Multiple Injuries and Death of Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby

As officers attempted to disperse the crowd, they tried to perform a traffic stop involving a minor-aged driver in a Honda Accord. Two adults and another juvenile were passengers in the vehicle. The driver refused to stop and was chased by police. As the fleeing vehicle went into the Dry Creek Road intersection at Elkhorn Boulevard, it crashed into a Honda Civic going west.

Minor Arrested in Traffic Crash and Facing Multiple Charges

Multiple people were injured in the intersection traffic crash, and a pregnant woman lost her unborn baby as a result of the collision. The fleeing driver was placed under arrest and is in Sacramento County Juvenile Hall, facing multiple charges. Authorities say that neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to factor in the accident.

Injuries Caused by a Juvenile

When a negligent driver who causes a traffic crash with injuries turns out to be a juvenile, the parents may be held liable for the trauma the collision caused. Consulting with an injury lawyer may be a good idea to find out whether you can recover compensation in this way. Intersection accidents can result in serious trauma such as:

  • Bone fractures in a traffic crash may be simple, healing in about six weeks, or more serious and require surgical repair and a long recovery. Major bones such as the pelvis, hips and spine can result in a long hospitalization, surgery and an extensive recuperative period. In some cases, these types of injuries can cause permanent disability.
  • Traumatic brain injuries may range from concussions to permanent trauma that causes cognitive changes. It isn’t unusual for a medium to severe TBI to require long-term hospitalization with extreme hospital costs. In some cases, the injured party requires lifetime care.
  • Spinal cord damage can range from mild to severe. The extent of the trauma depends on the location of the break and can cause paralysis from the waist or neck down. Those with more extensive spinal cord damage require around-the-clock assistance, and their quality of life is severely affected.
  • Abdominal trauma can involve uncontrolled bleeding or damage to organs. This type of injury usually requires emergency surgical repair.

What Will a Lawyer Do to Help Me?

An injury lawyer can investigate your accident to collect the evidence to support your injury claim. They can also calculate your damages, even if they continue into the future, and gather the documents needed to support them. In addition, the lawyer can either negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve or take the case to civil court if necessary. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Rio Linda

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