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Major Injury Reported in Sacramento Highway Entrance Ramp Accident

Calvine Road Entrance Ramp Collision Causes a Major Injury

A major injury occurred in Sacramento on January 11 in a two-vehicle accident on a highway entrance ramp. A Subaru SUV and a Jeep collided on the westbound Calvine Road entrance ramp to southbound SR 99 in the Valley Hi/North Laguna neighborhood around 2:38 in the afternoon, according to the incident report filed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Both vehicles ended up on the right-hand side of the on-ramp, and a tow truck had to be called for the Subaru, which sustained major front-end damage.

One Patient Transported to the Hospital With a Major Injury

Paramedics with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to transport one patient to a hospital, who was described as having suffered major injuries in the crash. An investigation into the incident is being conducted by the CHP to determine fault and how the major injury crash occurred.

Entrance Ramp Accidents

Many entrance ramp accidents lead to major injuries. This is due in large part to driver error as well as speed. Frequently, drivers fail to wait their turn when entering the highway. On many occasions, it boils down to a misjudgment of both distance and the speed at which a vehicle on a highway is traveling. This misjudgment often leads to severe injuries and sometimes even death. 

Other Reasons an Entrance Ramp Accident Happens

Some entrance ramps have a tight entry onto the highway. This helps in regulating vehicles as they merge into traffic. However, many cities have not embraced this technology, and the number of vehicles lining up can cause a driver to feel rushed to enter the highway and get out of the way of others waiting in line. Alternately, many drivers just want to arrive at their destination sooner rather than later. When a driver fails to choose safety over urgency, an entrance ramp accident often happens.

The Role of Distraction in an Entrance Ramp Accident

Drivers entering an entrance ramp can also be distracted by cell phones or other electronic devices in the vehicle. Because of this, they don’t notice if the car in front of them has slowed down. This is where many rear-end collisions occur, along with a major injury. 

Types of Injuries in an Entrance Ramp Accident

Most of the injuries in an entrance ramp accident are due to rear-end or side collisions. Being struck in the rear compartment of a car at highway speeds can not only lead to a major injury but cause significant damage to a vehicle. Generally, rear-end collisions involve head, neck, and upper thorax trauma. However, at this speed, it is possible that vertebrae will be herniated, and major neurological damage can occur. 

Broadside injuries can lead to major chest, pelvic, and lower extremity injuries. The biggest problem here is that the door of a vehicle lacks the protection found in the front and rear. Only some newer models carry airbag devices on their side panels. 

When this area is impacted at the speed of 55 to 60 mph, the risk of abdominal trauma, pelvic and femur fracture can occur. All of these lead to serious injury. An injury attorney can help an individual injured in a traffic accident through negligence obtain the compensation that they deserve.

Investigating a Major Injury Accident

As with all personal injuries, it is necessary to gather evidence that will point to liability. We do that by sending our investigators to the scene of the accident where they speak to witnesses, obtain video footage of the crash, and review police reports. They also do accident reconstruction to show the path of the vehicles as the accident unfolded. 

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