Major Injury Pedestrian Crash Involving Garbage Truck in Manteca

Major Injury Pedestrian Crash in Manteca

Authorities in Manteca reported a major injury pedestrian crash on the morning of Monday, April 25, 2022. The incident was said to have occurred on Yosemite Avenue near Airport Way shortly after 4:50 a.m. and involved a garbage truck for the City of Manteca.

Details on the Major Injury Pedestrian Crash in Manteca

A preliminary report by the Manteca Police Department (Manteca PD) revealed that a solid waste vehicle with the City of Manteca was involved in a collision with a pedestrian along the 2100 block of W Yosemite Ave. Officials described the conditions as dark and insufficient lighting in the area. It was unclear whether the garbage truck driver made any attempts to avoid a crash with the pedestrian.

Authorities responding to the scene rendered life-saving measures on the injured party. They were transported to a local hospital for immediate treatment. Officials indicated that the injured pedestrian was last reported to be in critical condition. Details on the identity of the injured party and the severity of their injuries were not immediately available. An investigation into the garbage truck vs. pedestrian accident in Manteca is ongoing by local law enforcement.

What You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents Involving Government Vehicles

The city, county, or state may be held liable for damages resulting from a pedestrian accident if they are the cause of the incident. This includes vehicles owned and operated by a government entity in addition to the design and maintenance of a public roadway. Drivers of government vehicles have a duty of care when it comes to paying attention to the road and maintaining a proper lookout for people walking in the area. For a pedestrian, it is often challenging to predict the movements of a garbage truck as these vehicles move forward, reverse, start, and stop a couple of feet at a time. In other situations, a garbage truck driver may not be providing the road their full attention as they should and carelessly drive down residential streets where pedestrians are likely to be present. This may present a unique risk to those walking in the area as they are no match for a garbage truck, loaded or unloaded.

When a vehicle owned and operated by a public agency causes a pedestrian accident, the injured party may seek reimbursement of their losses by filing a notice of claim. This must be done no later than six months from the date of the crash. Refer to the California Government Code Section 911.2 for more information on the filing deadline. Failure to bring an administrative claim within 180 days may result in the dismissal of the case and the loss of the right to take legal action. Conversely, the burden of proof is often greater in an injury case naming a government entity as a defendant. Given the strict filing rules and time limits applicable to such cases, it is a good idea to work with an experienced injury lawyer to ensure that these are met accordingly in your claim. For details on some of the top qualities to look for in a Manteca pedestrian accident attorney, watch this video.

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