Major Injury Occurs in Elk Grove Two-Vehicle Intersection Accident

Accident at Florin Road Intersection Causes Major Injury

A major injury accident happened in the Elk Grove school district on December 3 following a two-vehicle collision. The accident happened at Florin and Excelsior roads around 7:09 a.m., which left the two vehicles blocking the roadway. Medics with the fire department determined that one patient had suffered a major injury, and that person was transported to a hospital for treatment. The accident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to determine how the major injury accident happened and to assign fault.

Intersection Collisions

More than half of all traffic accidents occur at intersections, and many of these collisions result in major injuries. Most of these collisions occur in the following ways:

  • A driver running a red light or stop sign is probably the most common cause of a major injury intersection accident. This type of negligence can result in a T-bone accident with a driver legally passing through the intersection.
  • A motorist makes an illegal U-turn at an intersection and strikes a vehicle passing through. U-turns are dangerous enough but more so when it’s an illegal maneuver, and other drivers don’t expect it.
  • The traffic lights are malfunctioning, or the timing is off, which can lead to a major injury accident. 
  • A driver makes a left turn just as the arrow is turning red. Because oncoming traffic can start up quickly, this type of maneuver can lead to a collision.
  • A driver decides to turn right and tries to look around the vehicles to their left blocking the view of oncoming traffic. This type of maneuver is doubly risky because the driver can not only be struck by an oncoming vehicle but may hit a bicyclist or pedestrian in the crosswalk on the right.

Recovering Damages Following an Intersection Accident Major Injury

When a negligent motorist was responsible for your accident injuries, you may want to think about placing a claim to recover compensation. In addition to helping you avoid the financial strain of added bills, it can also offer you a sense of justice that the responsible party is being held accountable. The following may be recovered either from the at-fault party’s insurance company or by taking the case to civil court with the help of an injury lawyer:

  • All medical costs that arose as a result of your accident injury can be recovered. This includes your hospitalization, surgeries, ambulance fee, physicians’ bills, medications, tests and rehabilitation. Should your injury be expected to continue longer, those expenses can be factored in by your attorney.
  • Wages lost by your inability to work can be recovered. Not only wages but tips, bonuses and other perks you received in your job are recoverable. If your injury causes you to take a lower-paying position or you become disabled, those costs are factored in. Those who are self-employed can also claim lost wages. Tax returns, receipts and other proof of payment can be used instead.
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering is recoverable. This not only includes the physical pain and suffering but for emotional and psychological trauma, which is common following a major injury accident. Many people suffer from nightmares, reliving the accident, anxiety and other symptoms. Some have to seek professional treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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