Major Injuries Suffered in Eureka Crash

Major Injuries Suffered in Eureka Crash

Police from the Humboldt area California Highway Patrol (CHP) have reported that a major car accident happened in the area on Sunday, February 3, 2019. The accident left one person with major injuries. The injured person was taken to a nearby hospital, but their condition has not been reported since the crash. CHP stated that the collision involved only a single vehicle and did not indicate that any other individuals were injured. The accident also reportedly caused major traffic delays in the area. The crash remains under investigation by CHP officers who hope to determine what factors caused the incident to happen.

Crash Information

The accident happened at about 12:44 p.m. Police say that a white-colored Dodge Challenger Hellcat had been driving on Highway 101 close to the Pepperwood off-ramp near Eureka when it approached a downed tree. The tree had been knocked over because of recent inclement weather and was lying across the roadway. The Challenger driver attempted to veer away from the tree but lost control of their vehicle as a result. The vehicle spun out and overturned, coming to a stop on the highway shoulder. Photos of the crash show major damage to the front end, roof, and passenger side of the car.


Personnel from the Humboldt County Fire Authority as well as CHP officers responded to the accident scene. Responders report that they found the driver with severe injuries. The driver was placed on an ambulance and immediately rushed to a local hospital for emergency medical care.

Investigators shut down the highway while they surveyed the scene of the accident. So far, CHP hasn’t released a full report of the factors they believe to have been involved. However, reports have shown that the roadway was wet during the crash.

Crushed Roof Accidents

Rollover accidents can be very dangerous, especially when drivers aren’t wearing seatbelts. These crashes can also be dangerous when the roof of a vehicle isn’t strong enough to keep occupants safe. Although California has laws that require vehicles to have strong roofs, older models often do not meet these requirements. In some accidents, even vehicles that do meet these standards aren’t safe enough to protect occupants.

Auto Product Liability

When vehicle parts are not up to safety standards, the manufacturers, retailers, and sellers of the product can be held liable to pay for damages. This is usually done by filing a personal injury claim. Injured people are often able to claim payment to pay for their hospital bills, time taken off work, and more. However, these claims can be complicated, and the details can vary widely depending on the situation. If you think that you have a viable personal injury case, the best thing to do is to speak with an experienced professional.

You may know that you should contact a Eureka personal injury lawyer, but find it difficult to know which lawyer to call. There’s no lack of lawyers making big promises, but how can you be sure that an attorney has the experience and skills necessary to handle your case? Fortunately, there are a few good ways of making sure that an attorney knows what they are doing. To learn more about these methods, see this short video:

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