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Lincoln Local Recounts Rescuing Teen After Fiery Collision

Lincoln Local Recounts Rescuing Teen After Fiery Collision

Teen Recovers After Fiery Crash

A teenager is still in recovery two days after she was pulled out of a burning car by strangers. The girl’s mother, Jacklynn Marfill, wrote a post on Facebook in hopes of finding the good samaritans who rescued her daughter and, most likely, saved her life.

One of the rescuers, Tom Lowers, said that anybody in his situation “would have done the same thing.”

What Happened?

Cierra Lee, an area 18-year-old, lost control of her vehicle while driving on a rainy road during the early morning on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. She was subsequently struck by two other vehicles before her vehicle caught fire. It was when her vehicle caught fire that Lowers and two others rushed toward the burning car in order to help her.

A Rescue

Lowers told reporters that if nobody did anything, “that person was going to die.” Lowers explained that when he first approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, the fire’s heat was so extreme that he was unable to handle the door. However, the door on the vehicle’s passenger side had been locked. The rescuers say that, after discovering the locked door, they started to attempt to break through the windows.

While they were attempting to break the windows, Lowers reported that he saw the “outline of somebody” and that the outline was apparently slumped on top of the steering wheel. Lowers said that he screamed in order to get the person’s attention. After Lowers screamed, Cierra was able to push her vehicle’s unlock button. With the door unlocked, Lowers and his helpers were able to drag Cierra to safety.

A Flash

Lowers said that the incident was over within the space of a few minutes. While him, Cierra, and the others waited for an ambulance to arrive, Lowers used his phone to snap photos of the burning vehicle only 20 feet away from the blaze.


Lowers is apparently no stranger to helping those in need. One of the residents of Sierra Pointe Senior Living Community where Lowers works told reporters that what Lowers did was “terrific” and added that the community has “great people.”

Additionally, it was discovered that Lowers didn’t only save Cierra from losing her life, but was also able to recover her purse from the burning vehicle. Lowers reports checking the vehicle, noticing the purse, and grabbing it out of instinct.

Marfil reports that her daughter has no memory of the accident. Additionally, Cierra reportedly received serious bruises and is suffering back pain as a result of the collision. At the time of reporting, Marfil had already spoken to other rescuers and said that she is eager to thank Lowers as well.

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