Lincoln Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Lincoln Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Lincoln Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Lincoln Fatal Motorcycle Accident – The chances of being in a fatal motorcycle accident are high. They occur almost 30 percent more often than fatalities in car accidents. While there are more car accidents and your chance of dying is one in 303, your chances of living are far greater than if you were on a motorcycle. This may sound like a good reason to give up riding, but it is instead a call for greater safety on the part of both motorists and bikers. Let’s look at a few ways to improve the odds in your favor.

Incidence of a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The incidence of fatal motorcycle accidents provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was 5,286 in 2016, which was approximately 5.1 percent higher than in the previous year. The number of motorcyclists killed represents 14 percent of all motorists of any kind who died on the roadways. This had gradually increased since 1994 when it was at 5.7 percent.

Trends in a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Some of the most common trends are:

  • Alcohol impairment: Of the over 5,000 people killed, 1,600 had a high alcohol content in their blood. This represents 30 percent of all biker fatalities. This is higher than other motorists taken together. In addition, more alcohol-related accidents happen on weekends when many riders take to the road. Of the 48 percent of motorcycle fatalities that occur on weekends, most happen after 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Urban areas are more likely to see a fatal motorcycle accident. There is an increase of such accidents on major roadways but not on interstates or freeways.
  • Helmet use: While helmets protect bikers from traumatic brain injury, their presence is not always indicative of the number of deaths on specific types of bikes. Rather, the use of helmets is related to an increased incidence of death on sport touring bikes and super sport models. This may be related to the higher speeds that are attainable on these types of bikes.
  • Engine type: The number of deaths on touring bikes was directly related to the size of the engine. Of those with 1400cc engines, the incidence of death for riders was higher. However, in super sport models, smaller engines of 1000cc or less were linked to higher death rates.
  • Gender: About 91 percent of all motorcyclists killed in a crash were male. Females made up 68 percent of motorcycle passenger deaths. Males killed in motorcycle accidents were, for the most part, drivers.
  • Age: Bikers over 50 make up 36 percent of all bikers killed in a motorcycle accident. Only 29 percent of bikers killed in 2016 were under 30.

Ways to Avoid a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The following are some ways you can avoid a fatal accident on a motorcycle:

  • Don’t drink or use drugs: Both lower your ability to exercise safe riding habits and increase your risk of taking unnecessary chances. Your judgment and cognitive skills are diminished when you are impaired.
  • Don’t be distracted: Just like other motorists, anything that takes your focus off the road can make you have a fatal accident.
  • Choose a bike that you can handle: The lore of big-engine bikes can sometimes make people choose more of a bike than they can handle. If you want to bike up, take a few safety courses before making a move.
  • Don’t speed: No matter how long you’ve ridden, speed can cause you to lose control. This is especially true in bad weather or on curving roadways.
  • Make sure other motorists can see you: Compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are relatively small. This means they are less visible. Do everything you can to overcome that, particularly at night. Use your lights, be alert for changes in traffic that signal the driver may not know you are there and use reflective tape or clothes.
  • Watch the road: Watch out for potholes or debris on the road that can make you have an accident.

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