Lily Grace Diabetic Alert Dogs

lily grace diabetic alert dogs

Redding Diabetic Alert Dog Fundraiser

I’m Ed Smith, a Redding Personal Injury Lawyer. Zayn Burns is a 10-year-old boy who was diagnosed at a young age with Type 1 Diabetes. He was given the diagnosis approximately six months ago and he now needs a diabetic alert dog to assist with his condition.

Zayn Burns’s Story

Zayn Burns discovered he had diabetes when he went to the emergency room to check on his symptoms that were comparable to that of the flu. Zayn’s family thinks it is best for Zayn to have an alert dog instead of the Continuous Glucose Monitor because it is too early for him to use the CGM and the dog will assist with his condition.

National Institute For Diabetic Alert Dogs Meets the Burns Family

The founder of the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs, Lily Grace, met up with Zayn and his family to find a perfect match for Zayn. Zayn then picked out Jazz, one of the diabetic alert dogs, because the two made a bond right away and Jazz wants to be around Zayn at all times. Jazz underwent diabetic alert dog training when she was first born and learned how to be a service dog as she grew older. Jazz places her paw on Zayn whenever his blood sugar is abnormal which helps Zayn from depending on a CGM at his age. Jazz went home with Zayn on Saturday, July 16 where she informed Zayn of his changes in his blood sugar a few times since.

Redding Local Community Efforts  

Jazz was not free to Zayn and his family which ended up costing them around $10,000 to take her home. Zayn’s family raised approximately $5,000 from community efforts; however, the other half of the cost still needs to be raised. There will be a fundraiser held on July 20 at MOD Pizza which is located at 913 Dana Drive in Redding. The fundraiser encourages any one to come and that can help Jazz and Zayn stay together.

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