Late Night Head-On Collision in Brentwood

Late Night Head-On Collision in Brentwood

Late Night Head-On Collision in Brentwood

I’m Ed Smith, a Brentwood Personal Injury Lawyer. Two people were hospitalized after a head-on collision on Marsh Creek Road in Brentwood on July 23, 2018. A member of East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) indicated that the accident occurred at night and only involved two vehicles, a Mini Cooper and a Nissan Altima. The collision resulted after one driver tried to pass another car on the wrong side of the road. Fortunately, the two drivers involved in the crash suffered injuries described as minor to moderate.

Accident Details

The accident took place along Marsh Creek Road approximately a half-mile east of Sellers Avenue. A Nissan Altima was reportedly attempting to overtake a car by crossing over double yellow lines. The Nissan then collided with a white Mini Cooper that was traveling in the oncoming traffic lane. The front left sides of both vehicles received damage as a result of the crash.

The two drivers were female, but their ages have not been publicly disclosed. Both drivers had no passengers in their car at the time of the collision, which happened at 10:18 p.m. Emergency responders that were on-site stated that, if the vehicles had directly struck one another head-on, the outcome may have been much worse for both parties.

Emergency Response

ECCFPD Engines 52 and 59 were dispatched to the accident location, along with Battalion Chief Craig Auzenne. Two ambulances came out to assist and transferred the two drivers to medical centers. The Mini Cooper driver was hospitalized at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Antioch, and the Nissan Altima driver was transported to Sutter Delta Medical Center.

Crossing Double Yellow Lines

It is undeniably dangerous to disregard the rules of the road, especially double yellow lines that indicate a clear no-passing zone. Unsafe passing in prohibited areas can lead to severe head-on collisions, which tend to be one of the most fatal types of accidents. When you cross over into a traffic lane going the wrong direction, you run the risk of catching an oncoming driver off-guard. One of the dangers of head-on collisions is that both parties usually have little-to-no time to react to the situation. If one or more parties is also traveling at a high speed, the impact may have fatal consequences, as well as significant property damage. If you or someone you love has been injured in a head-on collision, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer in Brentwood is crucial. A seasoned attorney can investigate further into the accident to present a strong case for fair compensation of damages incurred.

Brentwood Personal Injury Lawyer

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