Laser Burn Injuries from Defective Product

Laser Burn Injuries from Defective Product

Even though lasers have numerous benefits for complicated surgical procedures, laser burn injuries from defective products can be severe. Lasers are used in a variety of surgical procedures such as:

  • Laser eye surgery commonly called Lasik
  • Excess adipose tissue and fat removal
  • To prevent blood loss by sealing up blood vessels
  • To kill cancerous tumors and growths
  • Removal of unwanted skin markings such as birthmarks and moles
  • The tightening of unwanted wrinkles

As the technology behind lasers continues to advance, more and more surgical procedures are going to use lasers. Because of this, it is more important than ever to ensure that lasers are used safely. When used carefully, lasers can provide invaluable assistance in the operating room. When defective lasers are used, severe, life-threatening burns can occur.

Severe Burn Injuries from Defective Lasers

Burn injuries are often categorized by the degree of damage:

  • First-Degree: turn the skin red. They are painful to touch; however, they do not lead to blistering of the skin.
  • Second-Degree: cause the skin to blister. The top layer of skin becomes separated from the skin beneath it. This skin fills with fluid, leading to a blister. These burns are incredibly painful.
  • Third-Degree: char the skin and flesh. These burns often cause damage to the tissue underneath the skin. In some cases, these burns might not cause any pain because the nerves have been destroyed.

Defective lasers are capable of causing third-degree burns.

Damage from a Defective Cynosure Laser

In a case moving through the California state court, Cynosure has been accused of falsely representing their laser system as having been approved by the FDA. Cynosure is one of the most prominent companies involved in the production of surgical lasers. They produce a laser system that is used to remove fat called “Cellulaze.” Unfortunately, their laser fat removal system is one of the focuses of a trial where a patient was severely injured.

The patient filed a lawsuit against Cynosure after a procedure involving their Cellulaze laser went horribly wrong. As a result of this defective laser, the individual developed chronic pain in her leg. This also led to marked swelling of the leg and significant deformities in the surface of the skin. Severe swelling after a surgical procedure could lead to Compartment Syndrome, which is a surgical emergency.

The lawsuit alleges that Cynosure failed to accurately monitor how the temperature of the laser would impact the temperature of the tissue during the procedure. Sometimes, the temperature of the laser does not correlate to the temperature of the tissue during the operation. If the tissue gets too hot, severe burn injuries and skin deformities can develop.

Major Quality of Life Problems

The results of the catastrophic surgical procedure have led to significant quality of life issues for the patient. As a result, blood and fluid began leaking from her leg that day after the procedure. To this day, the individual suffers from chronic pain. There is a significant weakness in the leg that has made it impossible for her to participate in sports and exercise. Even moving the leg is a challenge. Because of this, it is imperative that every surgical laser undergo rigorous safety testing. A defective medical device, such as a malfunctioning laser product, can lead to severe burn injuries, chronic pain, and lifelong complications.

Watch YouTube Video: The Doctors TV Show – Cosmetic Laser Burns, Laser Hair Removal, Medspa Dangers. This video discusses the dangers of laser treatments in spas and doctor’s offices and exposes those who are offering these treatments with no medical training.

Contacting a Products Liability Lawyer

Unfortunately, not every surgical procedure goes as planned. When complications occur, it creates a stressful situation. Families deserve to have professional assistance. Working with a Sacramento products liability lawyer can help families find the help they need by:

  • Reviewing the medical records from the surgical procedure to ensure that all details have been considered.
  • Taking a look at the equipment that was used to make sure that all of it was FDA approved.
  • Assisting families in pursuing damages related to their complications and quality of life issues.
  • Shifting a case to trial when needed.

Meeting with a products liability lawyer in Sacramento can help families find answers. You could be owed a substantial financial reward.

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