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October 19, 2017
Edward Smith


Lane Departure Warning and Prevention

Newer model vehicles on the market today are equipped with advanced technological features to promote the safety of vehicle occupants. These features have been proven to lower the rates of automobile accidents in recent years. One of these features is the lane departure warning system, which has been studied extensively as an effort to prevent injury-producing crashes.

What is a Lane Departure Warning System?

A Lane Departure Warning System is an electronic safety component incorporated into newer automobiles today. The system is usually equipped with a front-facing camera intended to track the position of the vehicle within the lane. A motorist will be alerted by the system through a visual, sound, or vibration warning if their vehicle starts venturing out of the lane. Some systems in specific vehicles may safely direct the vehicle back into the lane through light braking or steering. The system is beneficial to those who frequently travel along highways and rural roadways, as well as new drivers.

Watch YouTube Video – By IIHS – Lane Departure Warning and Prevention. The following video demonstrates how a lane departure warning system functions in a motor vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning Statistics

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that more than 85,000 police-reported automobile accidents and 55,000 injuries would have been prevented if all passenger vehicles in the United States were equipped with a lane departure warning system in 2015. The IIHS study found that the system was successful in reducing three types of passenger vehicle accidents by 11 percent; including head-on, side-swipe, and single-vehicle collisions. The study also concluded that the risk of injury in those crashes was decreased by 21 percent.

Tips for Using Lane Departure Warning System

It is important to note that the lane departure warning system may not function as intended when traveling along roads covered with debris, roads without lane markings, or unpaved roads. Always turn off your turn signal after safely maneuvering your vehicle as the signal overrides the lane departure warning system.

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