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December 18, 2019
Edward Smith

New Device Prevents Knee Implant Infections

Knee implant infections are a serious complication that might occur following surgery. A team of researchers may have developed a device that can prevent them from happening. Knee injuries can be serious and, sometimes, the joint is beyond repair. In order to give someone the ability to move without pain, a knee implant might be required. This is a synthetic joint that is meant to replicate the structure and function of the native joint. Sadly, there are also times when complications might develop after the implant is put in place.

While there are multiple complications that might develop, one of the most serious involves knee implant infections. This infection might leave someone wondering what to do next. Now, a novel device might prevent knee implant infections from happening in the first place, saving people from repeat surgery.

When is a Knee Implant Needed?

A knee replacement, also known as a knee implant, might be needed following certain conditions or injuries. There are multiple signs and symptoms that indicate a knee implant might be required. One of the most common is chronic pain. Those who have pain in their knee that gets worse over time should talk with their doctor about a possible knee implant.

Some of the other signs include severe pain following moderate exercise (such as a light jog) or knee stiffness that won’t seem to go away. A common example is someone who struggles to stand up after going to the movie theater. These symptoms can develop months, or even years, after a serious knee injury. In this situation, a doctor will often recommend a knee replacement.

Complications Following Knee Replacement Surgery

If someone undergoes knee replacement surgery, complications might develop. Some of the most common complications include an allergic reaction to anesthesia, blood loss, and infections. Sometimes, infections might not develop until weeks after the procedure.

If someone develops a knee implant infection, this is serious. Some of the most common signs of a knee implant infection include fever, pain, swelling, and redness in the joint space. The infected knee should appear markedly larger than the non-infected knee. Anyone who has these symptoms following knee replacement surgery should visit their doctor immediately.

A Device Can Stop Knee Implant Infections

When someone has been diagnosed with a knee implant infection, this typically takes the form of a biofilm. A biofilm is a sturdy structure made out of bacteria that is difficult to kill with antibiotics. This is what makes knee implant infections so challenging to treat.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo has developed a new device that can prevent these biofilms from developing. This device, when implanted in the knee, emits a slight electrical current. This current prevents bacteria from binding to the joint tissue, keeping biofilms from forming. This device may save countless people from developing a knee implant infection, sparing them a repeat surgery.

This device has been a “breakthrough” tag, meaning that it can be expedited through certain stages of the approval process. This novel equipment still needs to progress through the final stages of research and regulatory approval before it can reach the open market. This device gives hope to patients, surgeons, and the medical community that these infections can be prevented.

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