Intersection Crash at Lenhart and Power Inn Rd. in Sacramento

Intersection Crash at Lenhart and Power Inn Rd. in Sacramento

Intersection Crash at Lenhart and Power Inn Rd. in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. An afternoon accident between a Toyota Sienna and a Hyundai Santa Fe blocked an intersection in South Sacramento. The accident resulted in reported injuries to an unknown number of persons, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It occurred shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon where Lenhart Road intersects with Power Inn Road. The collision appears to have been caused when one vehicle broadsided the other in the intersection itself. It is unknown whether any traffic infraction was involved.

Accident Details

The Sienna sustained moderate damage to its side panel. The Santa Fe was reported as having major front-end damage and was blocking the westbound lane of Power Inn Road. Two children were reported as riding in one of the vehicles. However, it is unknown at this time whether either of the children was injured. A tow truck was called to the scene of the collision as well as emergency medical personnel. The CHP has not stated who was at fault in this accident.

Intersection Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 2.5 million crashes occur at intersections annually. This represents 40 percent of all roadway accidents. Additionally, of all serious collisions, 50 percent happen in intersections as well as 20 percent of those involving fatalities.

Reasons for Intersection Accidents

Intersections have at least two roads that cross each other. Often the roads have two or more lanes. This means that drivers can turn left, right or continue in a straight line through the intersection. It is this multiplicity of options that is a direct cause of intersection accidents. While both driver behavior and environmental conditions are causative factors, it has been shown that operator error accounts for roughly 96 percent of all intersection accidents. Atmospheric and roadway conditions account for less than 4 percent of the accidents. Driver error occurs in the following situations:

  • Lack of surveillance: 44 percent were due to inadequate surveillance. It is important to check more than once before moving into an intersection since cars and bicycles can seem to enter the area out of nowhere. Making sure you have the right of passage before entering the intersection is critical.
  • False assumptions: Drivers at an intersection need to be careful not to make a false assumption about what other vehicles will do. Vehicles may speed up when approaching an intersection, so judging how much time is available to cross the intersection may be faulty.
  • Illegal maneuvers: Making an illegal maneuver or not expecting another vehicle to do the same may result in an intersection accident. Illegal U-turns are a prime example of this behavior.
  • Distracted driving: Looking to tune the radio while entering an intersection is a recipe for disaster. Being alert to dangers at an intersection is important to avoid an accident.
  • Aggressive driving:  This accounts for a moderate proportion of intersection accidents, however, when it happens, the resulting crash can be significant.
  • Traffic infraction: Drivers who speed through an intersection are responsible for a good proportion of the accidents. Running a red light or traffic signal accounts for many accidents.

Environmental Conditions

Environment error includes turning with an obstructed view, particularly when turning left, or hidden traffic signs due to foliage. In such cases, the city or other agencies responsible for making sure traffic signs are visible may be at fault for the accident.

When Intersection Accidents Happen

A large majority of accidents happen in the late afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This is not surprising since this encompasses prime commuting time and drivers are more likely to be fatigued. The combination of higher traffic conditions and fatigue lends itself to more accidents. The weather is not necessarily a factor since 79 percent of intersection crashes happen in clear weather. Only 2 percent occur in rainy conditions. This may be due to drivers exhibiting more care in bad weather.

Sacramento Car Accident Weather

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