Intersection Accident in Orangevale

Intersection Accident in Orangevale

Intersection Accident in Orangevale

I’m Orangevale car accident lawyer Ed Smith. Recently, a three-vehicle accident happened in Orangevale that caused multiple injuries. Although both lanes of the road were blocked by the crash, other drivers were getting through by driving on the center divider, according to a representative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Details of the Accident

The crash occurred shortly after 6:00 a.m. at the intersection of Hazel Avenue and Pershing Avenue. Only one vehicle was identified in the accident, and that was a Chrysler Pacifica. According to the CHP, there were moderate injuries suffered in the crash. However, information is sketchy about the number of persons injured, and names have not been released. Emergency medical personnel were called to attend to the injured parties, and two tow trucks arrived at the scene shortly after the crash to remove the vehicles.

Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents are frequent and also have significant consequences. According to the Department of Transportation, about 43 percent of all auto accidents happen at intersections. One of the reasons accidents occur at intersections is that traffic coming from several directions converge at one point. There may be two or more lanes involved.

Different Types of Intersection Accidents

There are five basic types of intersection accidents. They are:

  • T-Bone or side impact: This type of accident usually is due to one driver either running a red light or stop sign and hitting another vehicle that is passing through the location legally.
  • Rear end collisions: These usually occur because a distracted driver following a lead vehicle does not notice that the car ahead has stopped.
  • Hitting a pedestrian or cyclist:  This often is caused because the driver makes a turn without looking to see if a biker or walker has entered the crosswalk.
  • Oncoming vehicle collisions: This sort of accident is caused by a driver who ignores or misreads the speed of an oncoming vehicle when making a turn.
  • Sideswipe collisions: These usually happen when two cars are turning.

Why Do Intersection Accidents Happen?

There are many reasons that intersection accidents happen. Some are:

  • Lack of judgment about another vehicle traveling in the intersection is a major problem. This usually involves misjudgment concerning speed.
  • Not stopping at a red light or stop sign can lead to an auto accident.
  • Driver error is another cause of intersection accidents. This includes reckless behavior such as speeding or negligent acts.
  • Failure of authorities to alert drivers to an upcoming intersection can be the fault of a government entity that has jurisdiction.
  • Tailgating can cause an accident since the vehicle to the rear does not wait to see if the lead car is going to stop.
  • Distracted driving such as using a cell phone can lead to intersection accidents.
  • Long vehicles, such as trucks, without tail lights or reflectors on the side, may not easily be seen by other drivers, causing a crash.
  • Drivers who do not reduce their speed upon approaching an intersection are more likely to have a collision.
  • Bad weather conditions such as fog or rain can make seeing an intersection or other vehicles approaching the intersection difficult.
  • Pedestrians or cyclists who do not use lights, reflective tape or light-colored clothing to let motorists know they are there, particularly in poorly lit intersections, cause accidents.
  • Poorly designed intersections make it more difficult to navigate.
  • Faulty traffic lights at intersections can cause car accidents.

Ways to Reduce Intersection Crashes

There are several ways to reduce the number of intersection crashes. One proactive method involves the use of roundabouts. It has been shown that not only do fewer accidents occur, but their severity is also reduced with the introduction of roundabouts. Making sure that red lights are working and signage is clearly visible also increases safety at intersections. Increased lighting at intersections provides a dual purpose: It makes it possible for drivers to be aware that an intersection is present and makes pedestrians and cyclists visible to drivers.

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