Innovative Prosthetic Surgery

Innovative Prosthetic Surgery

Innovative Prosthetic Surgery

Innovative Prosthetic Surgery

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento amputation injury attorney. An orthopedic surgeon said last month that he would be the first in Southern California to perform an innovative prosthetic surgical technique. Daniel C. Allison, MD is set to perform a bone anchored (osteointegrated) prosthesis surgery on a police officer with an above-the-knee amputation, OrthoSpineNews wrote.

Dedicated to Improving Quality of Life for Amputees

Dr. Allison indicated that there was optimism that this approach would offer significant improvements in the quality of life for numerous adults, especially members of law enforcement and veterans.

Prosthetics Anchored Directly to Bone

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in above the knee amputees, the Osseoanchored Prosthesis for the Rehabilitation of Amputees (ORPA) is being seen by some as a viable alternate to the more traditional ball and socket design.

The surgical approach starts with a titanium fixture that is implanted into the bone. After integration, a rod is attached through the skin that then attaches to the prosthetic leg.

Implant Reduces Chance of Rejection

A titanium implant helps to reduce the chance of rejection from the bone, and the surgery is said to offer hope for those who may have had trouble with a ball and socket prosthetics design, OrthoSpineNews reported. The ball and socket design can sometimes result in discomfort and requires a larger amount of surface area on a limb in order to fit the cap with the socket.

Helping Those With Amputation Injuries Recover Compensation

Regardless of the circumstances, amputation injuries often result in a tough recovery period, large medical bills and a struggle to re-learn everyday activities. Amputation injuries can occur through a variety of scenarios, and many cases are settled out of court.

California is a comparative negligence state, meaning that you can still gain some compensation even if you were partially responsible. You still have the right to recover even if you yourself were partially at fault in an accident.

However, the outcome and monetary settlement of your case directly depends on the quality of lawyer you hire. Insurance companies often make compensation offers that are much lower than what you could get by working with an experienced amputation attorney.

Choosing the Best Amputation Attorney to Support You Through the Process

The right amputation attorney will help you calculate recoverable damages and gather outside testimony to strengthen your case. Our amputation injury attorneys have a wide variety of resources that will help support you through your recovery process.

Gaining confidence and integrating a prosthetic limb into your daily life requires time, effort and dedication. It is vitally important that you surround yourself with the proper legal support in order to help you focus on your recovery.

Our office understands that an amputation injury is a life changing event. We are committed to ensuring you are able to attain the maximum compensation, and are ready to offer assistance throughout the process.

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