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March 28, 2023
Edward Smith

Accident Along Antelope Road Causes Injuries

On March 24, an injury was reported in Antelope after a vehicle crash into a local department store. The accident happened along Antelope Road between Don Julio Boulevard and Downing Way around 8:39 a.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that this was when a Ford pickup crashed into a Kohl’s. 

One Person Taken to Hospital After Vehicle Crash

The fire department, as well as a tow truck, were called to the scene. One person was exported to Mercy San Juan Medical Center with undescribed injuries after the vehicle crash. The accident is under investigation to determine what caused the driver to lose control of their vehicle.

Car Crashes Into Buildings: How They Happen

It is unpredictable and happens quickly when a vehicle becomes out of control, including crashing into a building. A variety of factors contribute to these accidents, including:

  • An accidentally placed vehicle in drive instead of reverse occurs when the driver starts to back out of a parking space. 
  • Losing control can occur when a driver speeds, especially around a curve, and causes a vehicle crash. 
  • If you’re on your cell phone while driving, you run the risk of your vehicle being out of control. The driver jerks the wheel in response to an impending accident, losing control of the vehicle.
  • Tired drivers can lose control of their vehicles if they nod off behind the wheel.
  • A blowout of the tires or a failure of the brakes can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Defective auto parts may cause accidents, and manufacturers and others could be held responsible by filing an auto product liability claim.
  • Drivers may cause accidents when drunk because they are unable to judge the distance between other cars and lack judgment.
  • An out-of-control vehicle can result from a sudden movement made by a driver or going too fast in wet or icy weather.

Vehicle Crash Injury Compensation

Those injured in a vehicle crash may be entitled to compensation if another party or entity is negligent. There may be damages available to you in the following categories:

  • Medical costs associated with an accident may include hospitalization, surgery, ambulance fees, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, and others. It is possible to recover all medical costs related to the accident. It is also possible to recover out-of-pocket expenses. Whether you drive to your doctor’s appointment or take an Uber or taxi, you can claim mileage as well as any parking fees or gasoline. Continuing treatment for an injury or becoming permanently disabled may result in additional costs, which are also covered.
  • If the injured party misses work and wages are not reimbursed, he or she may be compensated. Compensation may also include bonuses and other benefits such as pension and insurance coverage. If the injured party takes unpaid vacation or sick leave, they are entitled to compensation.
  • Pain and suffering are noneconomic damages. Psychological and emotional suffering can also be compensated for by the injured party. It is common for people to fear driving or leaving the house after an accident, as well as to suffer nightmares. Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder may be able to recover the costs associated with their treatment.

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