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January 04, 2023
Edward Smith

Injuries Reported in Madera Car Accident

The Madera Police Department reported a car accident with injuries on December 31, 2022. The incident occurred on State Route 145 in the vicinity of Pecan Avenue and involved three vehicles, according to police.

Details on the Car Accident with Injuries Reported in Madera

A preliminary report by Madera PD revealed that three vehicles were involved in a traffic collision on SR-145. One of the cars allegedly came to a rest on its side following the crash. Two parties were taken to the hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that overturned in the collision, a 31-year-old man, was arrested for felony driving under the influence. Madera PD said his BAC was more than three times in excess of the legal limit. Additional information on the three-vehicle crash on Highway 145 and Pecan Avenue in Madera was not immediately available due to an ongoing investigation.

What Types of Losses are Recoverable in a Car Wreck Case?

If a motor vehicle collision causes injuries, an affected party may seek reimbursement for their losses through a personal injury claim. These are usually brought against the driver responsible for the car wreck and their insurance company. Eligible claimants may be reimbursed for pain and suffering, wage loss, medical bills, and more. In the case of a DUI crash, injured parties may seek punitive damages from the at-fault party as a way of punishing them for causing harm to others through egregious conduct. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area for more information.

Importance of Working with an Injury Attorney After an Auto Accident

In addition to identifying the driver responsible for the incident, an accident attorney can prove through clear and compelling evidence how and why that party is responsible. Using video surveillance footage, pictures of the crash site, expert witness testimony, statements by eyewitnesses, police reports, and other evidence to show the other driver’s conduct leading up to the car wreck. Your lawyer will also demonstrate how the other side’s actions were negligent and how they caused you and others to suffer traumatic injuries and losses.

While a personal injury claim for losses from a DUI crash may seem straightforward, that is not always the case. The insurance company that represents the drunk driver or even your insurer may dispute the claim as a way of paying as little as possible. The point of this is to maximize profit margins for the insurance carrier. Whether a claim brings an injured party to settlement negotiations or a trial, it is without a doubt that the insurer will attempt to paint a claimant in a negative light.

This is another reason why it is useful to have legal counsel on your side to protect your rights and best interests.
A motor vehicle collision is stressful and overwhelming as it is. When difficult insurance companies are involved, it may make the ordeal even more challenging for injured parties to move forward. In situations like these, an injured person may benefit from the assistance of an experienced Madera personal injury attorney. Unlike the other side, your lawyer will work hard to secure a favorable outcome in your case. Learn how the legal team from can help you by watching this video or scheduling a free case evaluation today.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Madera

I’m Ed Smith, a Madera personal injury lawyer. A car wreck is stressful enough, but it is even more challenging when it involves traumatic injuries and damages. If you or a family member were injured in a recent crash in Madera County, our injury attorneys can help. Call (559) 377-7676 or (800) 404-5400. We are available anytime to review your case and offer free, friendly advice.

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