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May 14, 2024
Edward Smith

Phantom Vehicle Accident Near Red Bluff Causes Injuries

A phantom vehicle accident near Red Bluff injured people but left the scene. The accident happened around 9:41 a.m. on westbound Highway 99 at Tehama Avenue. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the phantom vehicle may have forced another car off the roadway to avoid an accident. 

Witness Tells Police What Happened in Phantom Vehicle Accident Near Red Bluff

When CHP officers and deputies with the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office arrived, they discovered a Ford Explorer about 100 feet off the roadway with injured persons inside. The individual who phoned the police to report the accident said they heard a loud bang, saw one vehicle hit another and then take off. The driver behind the vehicle that exited the roadway said the suspect car turned right in front of their vehicle. The driver also said that if the driver hadn’t done what she did by going off the road, there would have been a head-on collision. 

Two People Transported to Hospital Following Accident

Emergency responders from Tehama County Cal Fire were dispatched to the scene of the phantom vehicle accident near Red Bluff to assist in recovering the Explorer. A passenger in the vehicle sustained injuries, and both she and her mother were transported to a hospital for treatment. The CHP traffic crash detectives are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the accident and are actively searching for the driver who fled the scene. Any information from the public could be instrumental in this ongoing investigation. 

Locating a Driver Who Fled an Accident Scene

A phantom driver is one who doesn’t actually collide with another vehicle, but causes it to crash and then leaves the scene. A phantom driver can be held liable for injuries in an accident, just as they would if they had actually struck the vehicle. Our law office has successfully located a hit-and-run driver a number of times. 

We believe it is important because our clients deserve justice for their injuries and to be able to hold the negligent driver responsible. We rely on a good investigation to find these drivers, including witness accounts, traffic surveillance footage, accident reconstruction and other techniques.

Compensation Recovery After an Accident

People who are injured by a negligent driver, including a phantom vehicle accident near Red Bluff, can recover their medical expenses, wages they lost from being unable to work and compensation for pain and suffering if they are found. If their trauma is ongoing, additional medical costs are calculated and included. If permanent disability occurs, their wages are recoverable until they would have reached retirement age. Your injury lawyer can explain to you what other compensation can be recovered and will gather the documentation to support your claim.

Injury lawyer Ed Smith recommends taking into account several crucial aspects when choosing a legal advocate:


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