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Information to Bring to the Doctor After a Dog Bite

Information to Bring to the Doctor After a Dog Bite

I’m Ed Smith, a Chico dog bite attorney. People who have suffered a dog bite should visit a qualified medical professional for follow-up treatment to ensure that there aren’t any complications. When people suffering with dog bites visit the doctor, they should be prepared to answer a few questions that will help to guide their treatment plan.

Who is the Owner of the Dog?

Dog bites can cause traumatic injuries and if the patient knows the owner of the dog, this can help the physician come up with more information on the nature of the injury. While some people are bitten by strays who disappear quickly after the attack, a dog with an owner should have information on the dog that could be pertinent to the treatment of the injury, such as the breed of the dog. Furthermore, the owner will be able to tell if the dog has bitten other people before or if the dog has a prior record of aggressive behavior.

The Dog’s Vaccination Status is Vital

One of the most important reasons for contacting the dog’s owner will be to obtain the dog’s vaccination status. As puppies, dog owners are asked to get their dogs vaccinated for a variety of diseases. The most important disease vaccination is for rabies. Rabies is an almost universally fatal disease if not treated quickly after a dog bite. Dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies are not at risk for transmitting this disease to a human host; however, a dog that has not been vaccinated against rabies could transmit the disease to a human, leading to a catastrophic personal injury. Someone who is at risk of rabies exposure will need treatment immediately. That is why this immunization status is so important.

Was the Dog Provoked Into an Attack?

If a dog bite leads to extremity trauma it is important to determine whether or not the dog was provoked into this attack. If the dog was provoked, this could mean that the dog doesn’t necessarily have a predilection for this dangerous behavior; however, a dog that attacks someone without being provoked could mean that the dog has been trained to attack, that the dog has an underlying disease, or that the dog simply has a personality that predisposes it to aggression. All of this information is important for deciding what to do next regarding the future of the dog.

Does the Patient Have Any Underlying Medical Conditions?

When patients visit the doctor to receive treatment for a dog bite, they should be prepared to discuss their entire medical history because it could impact how the doctor decides to handle the dog bite treatment, particularly if the patient has abdominal trauma or chest trauma. Conditions such as diabetes, liver, and kidney disease could lead to a compromised immune system that could lead to an increased chance of infection following an injury such as a dog bite. Furthermore, patients who are already on multiple medications could be taking medications that impact how dog bite medications function, such as antibiotics. Be sure to bring any pertinent information regarding chronic medical conditions to the doctor’s office.

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