Impaired Driver Hits Landscaper in Sacramento Driveway

Impaired Driver Hits Landscaper in Sacramento Driveway

Impaired Driver Hits Landscaper in Sacramento Driveway

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. A tragic accident in Sacramento during the morning hours took the life of a local landscaper when she was struck and killed by a reported impaired driver on August 2. The woman was in the driveway of a home where she was working, wearing earbuds and preparing to fetch a weed eater when the vehicle, driven by Kevin Lee Schanz, 62, hit her.

Crash Details

The accident happened shortly after 8:00 in the morning near Staggs Way and Meer Way when the landscaper, identified as Peggy Reeder, 57, was left pinned underneath the vehicle and died at the accident site. It was reported to Sacramento Police that Schanz struck a speed bump, which caused the vehicle to veer left, striking a curb and going past the sidewalk to strike Reeder. Schanz tried to walk away from the accident but was detained from leaving by one of the neighbors. Shanz lives only a few blocks from where the accident happened. This neighbor said that when Schanz got out of his vehicle, he was stumbling and visibly impaired.

Driver Is Facing Multiple Charges

Police reported that Schanz was under the influence of drugs, however, which drugs the man had been using has not yet been determined. Because Schanz tried to leave the scene of the accident, police consider it a hit-and-run. Following administration of a field sobriety test, the driver was arrested and booked into county jail. He faces many charges, including vehicular manslaughter, DUI causing death and hit-and-run resulting in death.

Pedestrian Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a total of 5,987 deaths of pedestrians in 2016 caused by accidents involving motor vehicles. Among all the other traffic accident fatalities that year, pedestrian deaths were among those that increased at 16 percent. The accidents that resulted in pedestrian fatalities had the following characteristics in the majority of accidents:

  • 76 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occurred in urban areas.
  • 75 percent of the deaths of pedestrians occurred after dark.
  • 72 percent of pedestrian fatalities happened at non-intersections.
  • The highest percentage of pedestrian fatalities (34 percent) happened during the winter months.
  • The age ranges with the highest numbers of fatalities were in the 10-14-year-old group and the 50-54-year-old group.
  • 70 percent of the pedestrians who died in traffic accidents were male.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

The extent of injuries to a walker in a pedestrian accident with a motorist can depend on a number of factors, including the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. It can also depend on the age of the pedestrian, whether it was a child or an adult, and where they were struck by the vehicle. Following are some common injuries to a pedestrian who has been involved in a collision:

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