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Humboldt County Crash Injures Three

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September 08, 2019
Edward Smith

Humboldt County Crash Injures Three

Three people suffered injuries during a Humboldt County crash that took place on Saturday, August 31, 2019. Authorities of the Humboldt California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that one of the injured individuals suffered serious trauma while the other two were moderately injured. The crash reportedly involved only a single vehicle and is currently under official investigation by CHP officers.

Crash Details

The collision happened on State Route 36 close to the border of Humboldt and Trinity Counties. A Jeep Cherokee had been driving on the highway when the driver apparently lost control. The vehicle veered and eventually left the road, traveling only a short distance before crashing into a nearby tree.

After CHP received a call notifying them about a possible injury crash, they dispatched emergency staff to the accident site. Arriving responders found that one of the occupants of the Jeep had sustained significant injuries. This individual was placed in an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital in Eureka to be given urgent medical care. Whether or not the two moderately injured vehicle occupants were hospitalized has not been reported.


As police look into possible causes of this crash, no suspected factors have been reported so far. Often, collisions like this one are caused by things that aren’t under a driver’s control, such as roadway hazards or faulty vehicle parts. When this happens, the negligent party or parties are usually liable to pay for the damages caused by the accident. Crash survivors can seek to hold these parties financially responsible by filing personal injury claims.

What Can be Recovered in a Personal Injury Claim?

Injuries can affect many different aspects of our lives. Firstly, being injured can be painful and it often takes a long time to regain your health. During this time, people are sometimes left unable to continue working and suffer a loss of income as a result. This can make it even more challenging to pay for medical costs related to the accident which can be very expensive. Furthermore, an injury can reduce a person’s quality of life and cause serious mental and emotional suffering. For these reasons, the payments available in injury cases often cover a wide range of losses. The best way to learn what you might be able to recover after a crash is to get advice directly from a personal injury lawyer.

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