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How Much Do Car Accidents Cost?

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December 05, 2016
Edward Smith

How Much Do Car Accidents Cost?

How Much Do Car Accidents Cost?

I’m Ed Smith, an El Dorado Hills auto accident attorney. The National Safety Council collects data from every accident that occurred for 365 days each year. It tallies the total dollars spent to resolve personal injuries and damages incurred due to a vehicular accident.

What are the estimated costs?

Many costs are factored into these estimates. Including, but not limited to:

The data below shows the estimated costs for various auto accidents.

  • The average cost of each nonfatal but disabling injury: $61,700.
  • The average expense paid for each incident that caused property damage: $7,550.
  • The average amount paid out in a fatal auto accident: $1,130,000.
  • The average expense for a possible injury accident: $12,000.
  • The average cost for an incapacitating injury accident: $66,000.
  • The average amount spent on a non-incapacitating injury accident: $21,500.

Comprehensive Expenses

The figures above only take into consideration the economic effect of vehicular accidents. The National Safety Council then considered the actual value of auto accidents by factoring in the loss of quality of life for parties who sustained injuries in an auto accident and many other long-term non-economic effects. These results are posted below:

  • Comprehensive expenses paid for a non-injury accident: $2,400.
  • The average comprehensive expense paid out on a fatality accident: $4,200,000.
  • Comprehensive expenses paid for a possible injury: $26,300.
  • The comprehensive amount paid out on an incapacitating injury: $209,500.
  • The average comprehensive expense paid out on a non-incapacitating injury: $54,500.
  • The average comprehensive expense of no injury: $2,400.

Of course, it is tough, if not impossible, to consider every dollar connected with injuries sustained by women, children, and men in vehicle accidents. Therefore, the figures provided by the National Safety Council should be viewed as estimates, not exact amounts – nevertheless, the results are very eye-opening.


Can You Tell Me What Information to Obtain From the Other Driver?

Yes. Most people are unaware of strict confidentiality laws in the State of California. This makes it vital to get ALL the information before leaving the car crash scene instead of waiting until you receive a copy of the traffic collision report.

What Information do I ask for from the other driver(s)?

If you’ve been in a car or motorcycle accident, you must obtain the other driver’s complete name. Be sure to get the exact spelling. You should also obtain the driver’s phone number and address, and we recommend you get their email address. Any extra identifying information that could help you locate the driver in the future would be great, for example, a business card. Additionally, you will want to find out their date of birth or get it off their driver’s license. Our accident lawyers recommend photographing their license with your smartphone. Regarding ddriver’slicenses, you should ask for their most current information because that ID may have an old address.

How Should I Proceed If the Driver Is Not from California?

Good question. Go through the same steps as above. But also ask whether they have recently moved to town or are simply visiting. If visiting, find out the address of where they are staying. Just ask them and carefully take down that information. IIt’ssad but true that many people do not go through the process or expense of switching over their IDs after moving to California. Some wait a very long time before doing so. This could really interfere with your ability to track them down.

What type of DMV Information should I Obtain from Them?

It is essential to request to see their ddriver’slicense. Carefully write down their ID number. Or take a photo of it with your phone. You also should write down and/or photograph their license plate number. If you want to be on top of things, getting the vvehicle’sVIN number is wise. Ask them if you can see their vehicle registration and then get the VIN number of that document.

Do I need to collect information on the other vehicle(s) involved?

Yes, you should. Carefully write down the make, model, and year of the vehicle. You can find this information on the vehicle registration. Also, write down the color of the vehicle and how many doors it has, and any other identifying features you think may be necessary. Take notes of the condition of the vehicle; if your phone has a camera, take pictures of all the vehicles involved.

How do I determine who carries the other party’s auto insurance?

Our car accident lawyers ALWAYS advise asking to see the other party’s auto insurance card and take a picture if possible. This is by far the safest way to learn the name of their insurance company. If you cannot take a picture of the card, you’ll want to write down: Name of the insured (It may be different than the name of the driver involved in the collision), the policy number, expiration date, agent name, and phone number. This is one of the most crucial information you will need to obtain. Obtaining information on the insured/registered owner and the driver is crucial.

Do I have to gather the passenger’s information as well?

It is an excellent idea to do so. Get the complete name and contact information.

Will the officers give me their information?

Not always. You just want to ask for their name and badge number. This should be enough to help you obtain a police report.

Is there any other information I should gather?

Yes, look around the accident site and write down or take pictures of any information about the road conditions, the actual street where the accident occurred, debris in the road, weather, and anything else that could have contributed to your accident.

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