Hospital Care: Extricated Patients in Car Accidents

 Hospital Care: Extricated Patients in Car Accidents

Hospital Care: Extricated Patients in Car Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. During a traumatic car accident, there could be several different reasons why someone needs to be extricated on an emergent basis. The first facet of this situation is the status of the car. Sometimes, the vehicle could be leaking dangerous fluids that could be toxic to people inside or could be flammable, possibly leading to an explosion. If the car is unstable, people inside need to be removed before a wrongful death results. The other side of an extrication involves the traumatic injuries that a person inside could have sustained. If injuries are severe and require immediate medical attention, it is essential to remove the person from the vehicle as quickly as possible. Examples of possible catastrophic personal injuries that require immediate attention include cardiac injuries and traumatic brain injuries. The quicker these are evaluated by a medical team, the better the potential outcome on for the patient.

Medical Care Comes First

When someone arrives at a hospital with serious injuries, the first step is to take care of any symptoms that might be life-threatening. The hospital team will receive information from the emergency personnel who were on the scene so that they can rapidly identify and correct any injuries deemed to be emergent. They will try to correct any issues that prevent the individual from breathing, restore any blood that might have been lost, and try to reverse an arrhythmia that could be present in the heart. After this, they will try to identify any surgical emergencies that could prevent the patient from making a full recovery. After leaving the hospital, following up with doctors is essential to make sure that the individual doesn’t acutely worsen and end up back in the hospital.

Caring for the Emotional Psyche

While the medical side of things is undoubtedly important, it is also vital not to overlook the emotional aspect of being extricated. Mainly if children are involved, the idea of being emergently pulled from a burning car with severe injuries by the jaws of life can easily rattle even the most grounded people. The noise associated with the event, the loud noises that often accompany a severe car accident, and the trip to a hospital afterward can all be stressful and overwhelming for anyone. Multiple research studies have all endorsed the idea that seeing a counselor or therapist can help in the recovery process following a severe accident. Furthermore, some studies have even discussed how the symptoms following a car crash can mimic those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thus, it is vital to ensure that those involved in a car crash receive the critical care that they deserve from all angles, including the emotional side.

Legal Help Following an Extrication in an Auto Accident

Families may have many questions following a traumatic auto accident. They could be confused about when their loved one is going to be able to leave the hospital. They may also question how they are going to make ends meet financially with a family member in a hospital, unable to work. Whenever a family is struggling with questions such as these, it is important to remember that there are people out there who are able to help. A lawyer can help with many of these sources of stress. They can conduct a detailed investigation of the circumstances of the accident that will help reveal details that may have been unknown. They can negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that claims are honored.

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