Holiday Drinking

Holiday Drinking

Holiday Drinking

I’m Ed Smith, a Natomas personal injury attorney. Tis’ the Season to be Merry and that means lots of holiday celebrations. With more family parties and work events going on this holiday season you can bet there will be more drunk drivers on our roadways. Studies show that there is a significant increase with DUI related accidents during the holiday months. This is because during the holiday months the number of travelers on the road are high as family and friends get together to celebrate. With more celebrations comes more people who are under the influence of alcohol. Statistically, the most DUI related arrests happen between Thanksgiving through New Years Eve. Let’s remember all innocent motorists on our roadways by taking the time now to arrange for a designated driver. With the Sacramento and Natomas region growing so rapidly we have lots of options for public transporation and ridesharing. Uber and Lift are a very convenient choice for getting around the Capitol City if you feel like indulging in spirits this holiday season. For more information on California DUI laws you can follow this link by clicking here.

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