Hit-and-Run Ignored by Drivers in Yuba City

Driver Flees Accident Scene After Injuring a Pedestrian

A pedestrian who was struck and injured by a hit-and-run driver in Yuba City was ignored by other motorists until officers found him at about 7:00 a.m. The pedestrian was transported to a nearby hospital with undescribed injuries. The accident occurred at the Bogue Road intersection with Garden Highway. The Yuba City Police Department determined through a surveillance video that the man was going east on foot on Bogue Road and pushed the pedestrian button to cross the street. 

Pedestrian Was Legally in the Crosswalk When Hit by a Negligent Driver

As the man was waiting at the intersection, a dark truck was waiting for the red light to change. The pedestrian started crossing the street at the crosswalk when the motorist attempted a right-hand turn, striking the walker. The truck not only drove over the pedestrian but stopped, backed up and drove around the injured walker. 

Other Drivers Drove Around Injured Pedestrian After Hit-and-Run

The driver left the scene of the accident and went south along Garden Highway. Other vehicles also drove around the injured pedestrian. No one called the police, and no other witnesses were found. 

Police Seeking Information About Hit-and-Run Driver

The pickup in question is reportedly a Dodge Ram, probably a 1500 and dark-colored. It was equipped with a toolbox and ladder rack. Anyone with information about the vehicle or accident is asked to contact the Yuba City Police Department at (530) 822-4660.

Accidents Caused by Fleeing Drivers

In California and elsewhere, fleeing driver accidents have increased over the past decade. The uncertainty of who will pay for medical expenses, wages lost from the inability to work and pain and suffering is a source of worry for injured individuals. 

As soon as we are informed about a pedestrian accident, we begin gathering evidence. The team looks for clues about the driver’s identity at the accident scene and talks to witnesses about what they saw. The license plate number of a vehicle or the driver of the car/truck may be recognized by a bystander. 

It is also common for witnesses to record the crash with their cell phones while it is happening. In order to identify the driver, all of this information is crucial. These details are gathered by our investigators by talking to local residents. It is common for fleeing drivers to live in the area where they cause a pedestrian injury.

The Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage of Pedestrian Accidents

A Californian’s add-on uninsured/underinsured insurance policy covers accident injuries even if they are injured walking if the hit-and-run driver cannot be identified. Many drivers in our state lack car insurance or carry only minimum coverage, so this is a huge advantage. Regardless of whether the walker has this add-on or not, if another family member has it, the injured party may use it without affecting their premiums. 

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