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Hit-and-Run Driver Involved in Sacramento Two-Vehicle Crash

Driver Flees Two-Vehicle Accident on MLK Jr. Boulevard

A hit-and-run with injuries occurred in Sacramento on January 25 in a two-vehicle collision. The accident happened around noon along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Stockton and Franklin boulevards in the Lemon Hill area. According to the accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a Chevy pickup and white sedan were involved in the crash. 

Medics Called to Scene of Hit-and-Run Accident

The driver of the sedan did not remain at the scene of the accident. Medics with Sac Fire were called to the scene to check injuries in the pickup. No information was provided on whether they were treated at the scene or transported to a nearby hospital. 

Authorities Searching for Fleeing Driver 

The CHP is looking for a white Chrysler 300 with temporary plates, damage to the left front fender and bumper, a flat tire, and a bent rim. Police do have the license plate of the vehicle. The investigation into the hit-and-run accident is ongoing as authorities search for the driver who fled the scene.

Reasons a Driver Flees an Accident Scene

Drivers who flee from their responsibilities are commonly seen throughout the country. However, by fleeing the scene of an accident, those drivers could end up facing serious consequences, including jail time and fines. The following are some reasons that drivers flee the scene:

  • Their driver’s license has expired or is not valid.
  • The motorist does not have auto insurance or it expired.
  • The car had been stolen.
  • Alcohol is present in the driver’s system, or they have illicit items in their vehicle.
  • The driver flees in panic. A panicked driver involved in a hit-and-run often contacts the police after having thought about the repercussions.

Tracking Down a Hit-and-Run Driver

It is important to locate a hit-and-run driver who has caused someone harm so that they can be held accountable. Since our law office is determined to locate these fleeing drivers, we have successfully tracked down many of them in the past. 

Car accidents are difficult enough on their own. There should be no expectation that an injured person will pay for their own medical bills and lost wages. They are also entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Here are some of the methods we use to track down a fleeing motorist and collect the evidence needed to support an accident injury claim:

  • A team of investigators goes to the scene of the accident to gather evidence, both for the purpose of tracking down the hit-and-run driver and to support the claim of our client.
  • During accident reconstruction, they may discover the cause of the collision and often determine which driver was at fault.
  • In order to make sure the client’s compensation claim is not affected by mistakes, the police report filed by the responding officers is examined.
  • To determine whether the hit-and-run was filmed as it happened, surveillance cameras in the area are examined. A driver and vehicle can be identified this way.
  • An interview is conducted with anyone who saw the accident. Some witnesses may have filmed the collision on a cell phone as it happened. Witnesses can also identify vehicles or describe drivers in some situations.

Covering Your Expenses With Your Insurance Policy

In California, uninsured/underinsured insurance is often carried by drivers whose vehicles are damaged by motorists without coverage. If the driver is located and doesn’t have the means to pay for your accident injuries, you can use this policy to cover your expenses. Alternatively, if a member of your family has the policy, you can use that instead. Rates in the future will not be affected by using this policy.

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