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Headlight Problems Can Lead to a Serious Auto Accident

Headlight Problems Can Lead to a Serious Auto Accident

An auto accident can happen at any time, and researchers have recently found that headlight problems might be a contributing factor. When a driver is making their way through the streets of San Francisco, the streets are well-lit. This can cause some drivers to question the need for their headlights at all. One the other hand, when people reach the suburbs and rural areas, they will quickly realize just how dangerous the darkness can be. Headlight problems on these roads can significantly increase the risk of an auto accident.

Headlights play a critical role in motor vehicle safety at night. For this reason, it is important for drivers to be aware of the dangers that headlight problems can present. There are step drivers can take to keep themselves and other drivers on the road, safe from harm.

A Study on the Range of Headlights

A recent study was published by the AAA Automobile Club of Southern California. The study announced that even the best headlights are not adequate enough to keep drivers safe from harm. The goal of headlights is to detect distant objects as early as possible, giving drivers time to react to an impending threat.

The researchers found that halogen headlights, found in the vast majority of cars, will detect objects reliably at a distance of about 300 feet. When someone turns on the car’s high beams, the range of the headlights increases by about 28 percent. Sadly, this only gives drivers enough time to react to the incoming object if they are traveling at under about 50 MPH.

Some cars have advanced LED headlights that have an extended range. These headlights can detect objects at about 450 feet away. With LED high beams, their range increases to about 500 feet. Unfortunately, these headlights only give drivers enough time to react if they are moving at 55 MPH or less. Given that most people who drive on the highway are traveling at 65 MPH or faster, these headlights are not good enough.

The Dangers of Dirty Headlights

It is important for people to know that the study above assumes the headlights are operating as designed. This means that they are kept clean. The condition of the lenses on the headlights is essential and often overlooked.

The same researchers above found that after about five years of use, the plastic coating that is placed on top of the headlights lenses will start to cloud. This will reduce the amount of light being emitted from the headlights, reducing their range. Furthermore, the clouding of the lenses will also create a glare for oncoming drivers and pedestrians. People should take the time and effort to clean their headlight lenses regularly. This can reduce glare and increase range.

Fixing Headlight Problems

There are a few simple steps that people can take to ensure their headlights are functioning well. First, make sure to use the high beams when there are no oncoming drivers. The added range can reduce the chances of a severe auto accident happening. They will also keep pedestrians safe.

Next, keep the lenses clean. Simply restoring the lenses can eliminate the simplest of headlight problems, increasing their range, and reducing glare. Ensuring that headlights are functioning correctly can go a long way toward preventing a serious motor vehicle accident from happening.

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